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Logging into Aconex

There are two ways to log in to Aconex - through the Lobby or through the project location (instance) specific login.

Log in to Aconex

Log in to Aconex via this link or by clicking on the link in an Aconex Notification email you’ve received.

When selecting your project location, you’ll notice we’ve included the “instance code” e.g. Australia/NZ (AU1). This makes it easier for you to know which instance you’re logging in to. 

View our troubleshooting guide if you have any issues getting in to your account. 

Image of the Support Central Aconex login screen

The Lobby makes working with multiple Aconex projects easier.

The Lobby makes working with multiple Aconex projects easier than ever. It’s one place to access all your Aconex accounts and projects, no matter what location (instance) you’re in, or what organization you belong to. 

Learn more about the Lobby.

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