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Logging into Aconex

There are two ways to log in to Aconex - through Global Login or through the project location (instance) specific login.

Log in to Aconex

Log in to Aconex via this link or by clicking on the link in an Aconex Notification email you’ve received.

You’ll need to select your project location. You might also hear this referred to as your “Instance” of Aconex, and we tend to use “project location” and “instance”  interchangeably. 

We have some troubleshooting articles here, if you have any issues getting in to your account. 

Image of the Support Central Aconex login screen

Aconex Global Login makes working with multiple Aconex projects easier.

Aconex Global Login makes working with multiple Aconex projects easier than ever. It’s one place to access all your Aconex accounts and projects, no matter what location (instance) you’re in, or what organization you belong to.  Below you’ll find links to the how-to articles that will help you get set up Global Login and trouble shoot any issues. 

Create a Global Login ID account

Log in using your Global Login ID

Access Global Login via your company’s network login (Single Sign On)

Link an account using your Aconex login

Link using your company network’s login (Single Sign On)

Access your Aconex projects from the Global Login project dashboard

Managing your Global Login ID

Recovering a forgotten Global Login password

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