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What are guest users?

If your project has participants who don't need full Aconex system access, you can invite them to join as guests.

When should you create a guest user account?

Guest user accounts are useful when your project is:

  • involved in a tender process
  • at an early start-up stage
  • working with consultants, stakeholders or regulatory bodies who have short-term involvement.

What can a guest user do?

Guest users can:

  • Receive project mail
  • Receive transmittals
  • Access file attachments sent to their email - if under 1MB they’ll arrive as an attachment, if over 1MB they’ll be supplied as links that don’t expire
  • Reply to mail and transmittals (including tender/bid documents)
  • Forward emails received to others, with links intact (just like a file attachment)
  • Receive and view tender/bid documents
  • View tender/bid addenda
  • Initiate tender/bid RFIs.

What restrictions apply to guest users?

Guest users can’t:

  • Log in to Aconex
  • Start a project mails or transmittal except as part of the Tender/ Bid RFI process
  • Access the project or global directory
  • Access the audit trail.

Guest users send regular email outside of the Aconex platform, therefore standard email size restrictions apply. Aconex email servers adhere to a size limit of 10MB which means as a guest, you won't be able to send anything larger than 10MB. If you need to send larger files, you'll need a full user account where filesize is unrestricted.

How do you create a guest user account?

You'll need the correct permissions in order to create a guest user account.

By default, the Org Admin, the Project Administrator and the Document Administrator can create a guest user. But your project may have been modified from the default settings. We've created a list of all the default settings for user roles.

Can guests become users?

They can become full Aconex users. Your Org Admin can upgrade guest users in your organization.

If you're the Org Admin then follow these instructions to change a guest user to a full user.

Removing a guest user account

You can't delete a guest user, but you can disable their account.

Contact our ­Service Desk­.  We'll disable the account for you.

Can I switch a disabled guest user account back on?

You can. Contact our Service Desk to have a disabled account re-enabled.

How do you know if someone is a guest user?

Check the directory

If the user is a guest, you'll see an empty box, rather than the Aconex logo, next to their name in the Directory.

When you're sending the user a project mail

Their email address, instead of their name, is displayed.

We can't guarantee delivery to guest users

One last thing, when project mails are sent to guests, they're sent outside the Aconex platform. This means we can't guarantee their delivery. We do guarantee delivery for all project mail sent within the Aconex platform.

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