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Inviting users to your project

Inviting one or more users to a project is only a few short clicks away.
  • You can only invite users who are already registered in the  Global Directory for that instance. 
  • This option does NOT provide you with a record of who and when a user was invited, as no mail gets added to Sent Items
  1. In Directory select Project Directory.
  2. Click on Invite User in the top right corner.
The Invite Users button in the Directory.
  1. In the Invite User screen, enter the names of the people you'd like to add and select them.
The Invite Users window.
  1. If you want to, tick Send email notification to add a custom message.
  2. Click Invite.
  3. The users will now be added to the project and will receive an automatic email notification (if you chose to), outlining who has added them and to which project.
invite user

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