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What’s a project? And what’s an organization?

In Aconex, we deal with two key concepts: projects and organizations.

A project is a construction job that your organization is working on, usually along with other organizations. It could be a shopping center, power plant, gas drilling platform, or any other built asset.

An organization is a party that’s contributing to the project, such as consultants, project managers, contractors, subcontractors, and developers. Organizations use Aconex to manage the work on projects that have been set up within it.

About organizations

Each organization has a user role called the Organization Administrator, who has permissions to configure Aconex for their organization. That includes setting up user roles for their colleagues.

The organization that sets up a project within Aconex is called the project-owning organization.

Who looks after projects?

The Project Administrator/s, who usually work for the project-owning organization, have permissions that let them manage the project.

They can configure project-wide settings in Aconex that affect everyone working on that project, whether they’re part of the project-owning organization or a collaborating organization.

How organizations work on projects

Organization and project boundaries influence who can see your mail and documents, the audit trail for a project, and other aspects of your work in Aconex.

That said, users can override some organizational and project settings, for example, when it comes to attaching signatures to project mail. If the user doesn’t attach her own signature, the organization’s signature settings will be applied to her mail. But if she sets her own signature, that user-specific setting will be applied to her mail.

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