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View system status and information on current incidents

Where to look for information on the system status of Aconex and any current incidents.

View the current system status

Go to the Help section in Aconex to see the System Status.

view system health status

System status from the help menu is available from Release 20.10.100.

The system status relates to response times across common (core) tasks including:

  • Writing, sending or viewing a mail.
  • Uploading, downloading, viewing or superseding a document.
  • Starting a workflow or reviewing a document in a workflow.
  • Searching the directory, creating users and registering organizations.  
  • Mail and document search, registration times, upload and download speed.

What does each status mean?

Excellent: Core functionality is available and performing well.
Good: Core functionality is available - some functions may be slightly slower than normal.
Fair:  Some functions are slower than normal.
Poor: Noticeable degradation of overall performance.

health status

View information on incidents

Aconex is continuously monitored. Should there be a disruption in service, updates will be posted on Statuspage, or you will see a message pop-up automatically in Aconex.

What does each status on Statuspage mean?

System performance is as expected.


The Platform is unavailable. 

A component is unavailable (but other components are still available). 

partial outage

The Platform or component is noticeably degraded (e.g. slow response). 


We give advance notice of maintenance required over and above the usual scheduled maintenance time slots. Scheduled maintenance time slots are not advised via Statuspage notifications. Please see the weekly maintenance schedules.


Where does the Statuspage notification appear in the app?

It will appear in the top right-hand corner, regardless of the screen you are working on. You can close it or click through to Statuspage for further information.

As the incident progresses updates will be posted on Statuspage and will flow through to the app. That way, you’ll be up to date with the status of the incident.

statuspage banner in app

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