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Aconex launches its new Mail search

Later this month, we’ll be switching all users across to our new Mail search tool. This step preempts the removal of the current Aconex Mail search at the end of June 2016.

If you’re not ready to switch, you will still be able to use the current Mail search for a little longer — but only until it’s removed.

The new Search Mail page

The new Search Mail page

Mail is the most popular part of Aconex, so we’ve worked closely with users to understand your problems around the existing Mail search.

Using that information, we’ve developed a search that offers valuable enhancements for anyone who’s looking for mail … which is basically everyone!

  • The new Mail search behaves more like a typical inbox search, for example:
    • It shows your mail by default when you first arrive, then allows you to filter down further when you need to.
    • It shows one mail per row by default, but you can also choose to see one mail recipient per row.
  • Basic searches are easier.
  • Complex searches are more accessible.
  • Faster filtering — the filters are now on column headers — makes refining search results a breeze. You can also filter by “Unread” and “Recipient Type” (To/CC).
  • Almost all available mail fields, including mail details, are now searchable. You can forget those complicated search strings you’ve been using.
  • “Sticky settings” remember how you’ve set up your search for next time.
  • The Advanced Search panel lets you customize your view to include your favorite search fields.
  • Add/Remove Columns lets you set a default column configuration, as always!

Find out more about how to use the new search.

Searching with filters

The new Mail search moves all your fields to the tops of columns in the search results, where you can use them for filtering

Not using the new Mail search? You will be soon

The current Mail search will be removed from Aconex in June 2016.

If you haven’t given the new Mail search a try, now’s the time. if you’ve used it in the past, but switched back to the existing search, take another look — we think you’ll be pleased with the progress we’ve made.

Of course, we’d love to hear your feedback on the search. Click Tell us what you think at the top of the new Search Mail page to let us know.