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Aconex is not affected by recent global ransomware attacks

Aconex maintains high levels of security on all computer systems to ensure your data is safe. 

You may have heard about recent ransomware attacks called “WannaCry”, or similarly named variants, causing concern for organizations around the world.

Aconex systems were not compromised by the recent ransomware attacks.

The vulnerability is spread to unpatched Windows computers via file-sharing protocols, and can infect any Windows system that has not been updated with all current security patches.

To help prevent attacks of this nature, Aconex maintains proper patch levels on all computer systems, including Windows desktops and servers.

Aconex runs only supported versions of Windows and all Windows-based staff workstations run end-point protection with anti-virus and anti-malware software that is updated daily.

If you have any concerns about this threat or questions about how to protect yourself, please see Microsoft’s Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks article.

And of course, you can always contact our Service Desk, available 24x7, for help with Aconex.