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Aconex for Outlook – Version 19.11

In this month's release, you can find out setting the response time required for mail.

We've made it easier for Mail users to set response due dates, by adding functionality that lets Project Admins set time frames for the mail type selected by the mail sender. This removes the guess work for the sender as they no longer have to decide the date for themselves. For more information on how this feature works on the web see Setting up default response times for your mail.

Configuring default response times for mail

As a Project Admin, you can set the time frame for all mail types that need a responses as required. You do this using Response Time Frame in Settings/Mail Types. From here you have to:

  1. Select Mail Types.
  2. Select Edit Mail Forms for the appropriate mail type. This opens Mail Forms - [mail type].
  3. The new option is under Mail Fields/Response Required.
The Mail Forms window.
  1. From here you can set the number of days and, optionally, add a tool tip giving more information about the number of days set.
The Edit Response Time Fram window with the Time Frame and Tool Tip options highlighted.

Improvements and fixes

We’ve fixed an issue where the Top Level Domains in an email address (for example: were being cut after five characters. This meant some users were not being found when registering mail.