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Aconex for Outlook – Version 19.7

Re-branding Aconex for Outlook, fixes and improvements.

Oracle Aconex rebranding

As part of the on-going re-branding of Aconex to include Oracle logos etc, we’ve made some changes to the Outlook plugin. The main difference you’ll see is the name – which is now Oracle Aconex for Outlook. The changes make no difference to how you set up and use the plugin, however you will notice changes to the icons as well as to the wording in menus and buttons. See the new Login window for example.

The login screen.

Logging in

  • The issue where the Outlook plugin wouldn't let you log in using your SSO has been fixed.
  • The issues associated with Proxy Server and Authentication have been fixed.

Improvements and fixes

  • We’ve improved the logging in experience by making it possible to use special characters in your username, and to use copy and paste with the password field.
  • The number of mails in the Draft folder is now shown next to the folder’s title.
  • PDF downloads which were attached to uploaded mail using the "Register in Aconex" button are no longer being corrupted.
  • Mail attachments are no longer disappearing after registering the mail.
  • We’ve tidied up the positions of the “Remove match” and “Ignore email address” buttons when registering emails in Aconex.
  • The issue with screen/window alignment due to scaling across multiple displays in Outlook 2016 has been resolved.
  • We’ve also added support for Outlook 2019.