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Aconex for Outlook – Version 2.8.2

New functionality and several bugs fixed.


    Setting Response Required all Mail Types

    • Response Required can now be set for all Mail Types in Aconex Outlook. Previously it was only available for RFIs.

    Errors trying to Register Large Attachments

    • We fixed a bug that caused a error when trying to register emails on Aconex Outlook that had large attachments.
    • We have now tested and confirmed no issues with up to 250mb attachments.

    Mail Registration now accepts User Names with apostrophes

    • Previously there was a problem with user names using apostrophes when registering mail through Aconex Outlook which was causing a registration error. This has been resolved and you can now use names with apostrophes.

    Registration Login

    • Under certain circumstances users were being forced to login when registering a mail via Aconex Outlook. This issue has now been fixed.

    Project Folders not displaying in Aconex Outlook

    • An issue that was, in some cases, hiding some Project Folders Aconex Outlook has been fixed.