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Bringing you more control over project information

Latest improvements to the Aconex platform.

On Sunday 10 July 2011, Aconex 10.3 goes live in Australia and New Zealand. Other instances will follow.

A quick overview of the changes

We’re always looking for ways to make your job easier, and this latest update offers new functionality and enhanced features right across the system.

The release is part of our focus on ongoing improvements, offering you more control of your project information, and making searching for documents faster and easier.

More internal control over who can see documents

Access Control, first introduced in release 10.2, allows organizations to control the access to documents at a project level. Which means you can give users different access levels on different projects.

We’ve taken a step further with this in 10.3, by:

  • Allowing you to add a rule against an attribute field
  • Providing the option to delete a group or a rule
  • Allowing the set up of groups as default to control access when new users are added to a project.

If you’d like this functionality turned on for your project, contact your local Service Desk. Further enhancements to “Access Control” will be a part of future Aconex releases.

Register documents even faster

The “Move to Register” functionality has been markedly improved - users can now upload up to 500 documents at a time (depending on your internet connection and performance). And the usability changes we’ve made will allow you to do it in a more efficient way.

Cascading Metadata - Improve the speed and quality of managing and searching for documents

With Cascading Metadata, you can set up a hierarchy relationship between fields and field values. It’s simple: when uploading a document you select a value in a parent field, and the list of available options under the related child field is filtered accordingly. The end result is improved quality control over document metadata and easier searching.

Contact your local Aconex representative or your local Service Desk about the suitability of cascading metadata on your project, as well as implementation requirements.