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Building on 10.0, "A better Aconex experience"

An easier, faster Aconex experience.

Release 10.1: 6 December 2010, (Australia/New Zealand instance), and other instances to follow.

In September we brought you an easier, faster Aconex experience with release 10.0. And we received positive feedback, as well as improvement suggestions.

For release 10.1 we’ve been able to implement some of these ideas, with the most important changes listed below (see the Release Notes for full details).

Tender and Bid management - a number of new features

The simplicity and ease-of-use of the Tender and Bid management solution launched in May generated a lot of positive feedback. We’ve acted on a number of great suggestions made by users and staff including:

  • Canceling a tender invitation     
  • Save a tender addendum to draft           
  • New tender countdown timer  
  • Tender initiator can now create RFIs      
  • Change in terminology from ‘response’ to ‘submission’

Enhanced security measures - stronger passwords and HTTPS login

We continue to look for ways to enhance security, and this release has two relevant components:

  • The default password character settings have been raised to 8-16 characters
  • All logins to Aconex via HTTPS

New rules around the acceptance of our Terms of Service Agreement

To make it as easy as possible for new users to get started we’ve simplified the acceptance of our Terms of Service (TOS) process.

  • Only new projects will have to accept an updated Terms of Service. Nothing changes for current projects.
  • Now only the first person on the project accepts the Terms of Service on behalf of their organization.