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Important Note for users of Aconex's MEA instance

Since the move to our new data center on 3 June, some users have experienced issues with email notifications being blocked.

If you think your organization may not be receiving email notifications we need you to take immediate action.

To ensure you have optimal performance from Aconex, please contact your IT department.

    When we moved to a new data center, we set up Sender Policy framework (SPF), Reverse DNS and DomainKeys Identified Mail (SKIM) on the new mail server.

    If you are not receiving mail from Aconex, we need you to urgently look into the following:

    • Ensure that the following IP address range is accessible from your site:
    • Check whether our server IP has been blocked by your company or a service you use. If so, you’ll need to allow our SMTP mail server IP: Find out more here.
    • Check that they allow SMTP traffic from our IP address through their firewall and internet security systems.
    • Check that the Aconex domain or the IP address of our mail server hasn't been added to any SPAM filter system they might be running.
    • If your organization is an Office 365 user, please contact Microsoft at your earliest convenience regarding the need for us to be added to your allowlist. We are working with them to resolve the problem, however, it could expedite issues if you also contact them.