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Introducing Connected BIM, an expanded Aconex Mobile suite, and improved process management

Meet Connected BIM, the latest in a range of enhancements to Aconex.

In this release, Aconex launches Connected BIM — a new module that lets you view and mark up models, send mail to collaborate on models, and much more. For details, see the release notes.

It’s the latest in a range of enhancements we’ve made across the entire Aconex product suite, including:

  • Mail Forms, giving you the power to capture structured data and speed up processes.

  • Aconex Certified, an online certification program to prove your skills and set standards at your organization.

  • Mobile PDF Markups, to help you get more done away from the office.

  • Checklists, structuring inspections for safety walks, security inspections and more.

  • Handover, now on mobile (Windows 8), you can access manuals information right where you need it.

  • Enterprise Security Integration, including 2 Step Verification, Single Sign On and Event Log Streaming.

For more information on any of these new features, please speak with your Aconex representative or contact us.

Connected BIM

Our new Connected BIM module is backed by a high-performance 3D web viewer, and coordination plugins to authoring tools (Revit is now available, with others coming soon). It’s a complete solution for effective BIM collaboration and process management.

  • View, merge and mark up models.
  • Link files to objects for reference and handover directly from the document register.
  • Integrated with mail for efficient design reviews and coordination.

For more information on Connected BIM, watch the videosee our release notes, or see the web page.

Mail Forms

Giving you the power to capture structured and accurate data, Mail Forms simplify common processes and improve reporting.

Mail Forms are fully configurable to individual project needs, and open up new possibilities for Aconex in process management.

Find out more about Mail Forms.

Aconex Certified

Our new online, self-paced learning and certification program helps you improve your skills, and advance your career.

Find out more about Aconex Certified.

Mobile PDF Markups

Save time and stay on top of things by creating markups in the field. With Aconex Mobile’s powerful new PDF Markup tool, iPad users can add comments to contracts, redline drawings, attach notes to explain edits, pin photos on plans and more.

Find out more about PDF Markups on mobile.

Field Checklists

Now, Aconex Field helps you manage safety walks, security inspections and other structured inspections, recording both positive and negative results.

Find out more about Field Checklists.


A mobile and web application for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of built assets, Aconex Handover lets you access and distribute information any time, anywhere through an intuitive graphical interface.

Find out more about Aconex Handover.

Enterprise Security Integration

Our suite of enterprise security integration options includes a Security Operations Centre (SOC), Event Log Streaming, 2-Step Verification and Single Sign On capabilities. It’s ideal for  customers with detailed compliance requirements.

For more information on any of these new features, please speak with your Aconex representative or contact us.