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June 2017 Release Roundup

A series of big releases have landed at Aconex throughout the year so far, with exciting new ways to tackle old problems, an assortment of key feature debuts, and core tools refurbished for greater ease of use.

Take a moment to watch the highlights right here

In brief

Mail administration now has the added benefit of powerful distribution rules that automate who sees which project communications, based on their metadata.

Redesigned viewers for your BIM models, Workflows, and the Document Register provide more effective use of screen real estate while still letting you work on documents without leaving Aconex.

The newest Process Insights dashboard presents practical summaries of your site inspections at a glance.

And Field sees a game-changing feature arrive for inspection in Field Forms, along with more offline functions to help teams complete checklists on a spotty connection.

Mail Distribution Rules give structure to your project data

Project-owning Org Admins can now configure Mail Distribution Rules, automating delivery to groups of users across a project. Rules are based on the mail type, or data provided in Mail Form Fields, and ensure that anyone required to be across key processes are kept in the loop. With Distribution Rules in place, project communications are standardized, minimizing potential for errors and ensuring that the right people get the right communications

Introducing the new Document Viewer

Do more with your documents in the new Document Viewer

We’re adding more markup tools and general functionality to the online viewer with each release. Now you can get in and out of documents that need a comment here or a sketch there, without having to download and open them in third party apps.

Electronic signatures

You now have the ability to create and save electronic signatures within the document viewer. These are automatically attributed to the authenticated logged-in user along with the date and time it was added.

Image-based stamping

You can drag images directly onto documents and drawings from your desktop with the online viewer. And if you have your own ‘approved’ stamp, you can drag and drop that too, then add a digital ‘wet’ signature with stylus or mouse.

The BIM viewer gets an update

No need to install browser plugins with the BIM viewer

You can now use all modern browsers to get the full BIM experience. There’s no need to install plugins, models load seamlessly and are easier to find.

Easily locate your model stacks with new filtering tools

A large BIM project might have more than a hundred model stacks. It can be time-consuming trying to find the one you need. Connected BIM’s new filtering tools include auto-fill search, allowing you to find and order your model stack list by name or date.

Capture any inspection in Field

Avoid the paper detour with Field Forms. You can now replicate more types of structured inspection forms directly in Field, allowing a seamless and accurate flow of data from site to office. It’s all stored safely in Aconex and easy to report on.

Better offline functionality for inspectors

Field now lets you work on checklists whether you’re underground, out of range, or just out of luck. If you’ve previously edited or created an issue or checklist, this new feature allows you to continue to work on them offline. You can capture, edit and view issues while carrying out inspections without a signal–information is synced to Aconex when back online.

Use Checklist Categories to organize your checklist templates

Administrators can now categorize checklist templates to make it easier for inspectors to quickly find or start a checklist. It also makes it easier for multiple teams to work together, for example, the safety team can apply a filter so that they only see those checklists related to their area of expertise. Also, admins can categorize multiple checklist templates in one go. ‘Move Templates’ mode allows you to drag and drop the templates to the desired category. It’s easier than ever to keep your checklist templates organized

And share them too

Sharing your inspection templates allows partners to get up and running faster, using a standard set of forms that keep everyone on the same page.

Track progress of your site inspections

The new checklists view in Process Insights shows you the progress of site inspections at a glance. It includes a view of all checklist types, how often they’ve been run, and the number of issues reported across the types. You can also group checklist types by category and show issues by their status – closed out or not.

You’re up to date

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