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June Release Roundup

From new modules to enhanced features and functionality, the first half of 2016 has seen some fantastic advancements in Aconex.

Just want the highlights?

In our June Release Roundup, we’ll take you through improvements in:

Mail: Out with the old and in with the new Mail Search. Plus: you can now add Mail Type Rules and Restricted Fields.

Documents: Get more out of Document Properties and save time with project-wide Saved Searches. Plus: now Project Admins can assign partial editing rights to doc controllers.

BIM: Connected BIM is approaching completion of its roll-out to all our users. With Connected BIM, if your organization uses Building Information Modeling on a project, you can view and navigate models in Aconex without the need for dedicated software.

Three ways to make the most of Mail

Search Mail more easily: “New” Mail Search is now ... Mail Search! Old Mail Search will soon be retired, so it’s time to make the switch. The new search function behaves more like a typical inbox search ­– showing all your project mail by default. It also allows you to choose to see only your unread mail, and you can customize the view to include your favorite columns. It has faster filtering, too.

Set Mail Type Rules: Project Admins can now configure Mail Rules, which allows them to specify which Mail Types are used to start a mail thread, forward or reply to mail. This makes it much easier for users to keep the correspondence on topic, and facilitates easier mail searches.

Add confidential notes to Mail: Project owners can track sensitive information against certain Mail Types with Restricted Fields. This customized field is only viewable by members of your own organization, so you can include notes and comments on mail threads, such as cost and time implications.

Do more with Documents

See document history at a glance with Document Properties: A redesign of the Document Properties page means you can now see the history of a document, along with a link to its original transmittal, from anywhere in the Aconex application.

Have more control with Inline Editing: Project Admins can now assign partial editing rights to other users, allowing them to edit fields themselves. Users can add missing or necessary fields when they need to, rather than having to request for Project Admins to do it for them. See the demo

Save time with Project-wide Saved Searches: A new feature across both Documents and Mail, project-wide Saved Searches allows your entire organization to see and access a list of commonly used searches rather than starting a new search each time.

Set default columns in the Document Register: Project Admins can now customize which columns are displayed by default to all users on their project, ensuring easy access to the most pertinent data.

Supplier Documents can now be used within your own organization

You can now request a large number of documents from different stakeholders within your own organization, then track and review their progress. In the past, you could only request documents from other organizations. Now, when creating a Supplier Docs template, you have the option of requesting from users from within your own organization.

Connected BIM is now available to all users

If your organization uses Building Information Modeling on a project, you can view and navigate models in Aconex without the need for specialized software.

Connected BIM allows model access for the entire project team, including the ability to:

  • Merge, mark up and coordinate models between disciplines.
  • Link documents to the model objects they relate to, creating a complete set of interconnected data for handover.
  • Send Mail from within the project models, providing additional context to RFIs and design queries for faster resolution.

Find out more about Connected BIM

More to explore

Capture more images in Field: Both Field Inspectors and Field Assignees now have the ability to capture multiple photos via the mobile app. When added to the checklist they also appear in the Issues PDF report. Check out how to use Field Image Capture.

Update Local Copy now and you’ll never have to do it again: The latest version of Local Copy 2.0 is a mandatory upgrade. From that version on, it will update automatically in the background. Find out  how to install.