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KSA IP Change

Read about the changes we've made to our IP address on the ksa1 instance.

We've changed our IP address

We are making some changes to our systems that will mean a change to the IP addresses used by Aconex. This will impact a number of you, who may have chosen to “point” directly to an IP address, rather than the domain name

If you don’t have IP based rules for accessing Aconex, (i.e. you simply browse to this change is unlikely to affect you at all.

What should I do?

If you or your organization uses IP address based access to the above instances you may have to update the Aconex IP addresses in your proxy server firewall or web browser, etc, to continue access.

The new IP addresses are:

  • KSA1:
  • KSA located viewers:

When is this happening?

The cut-over point for this is expected to happen this week. We will update you with a message on the log-in screen when the exact date is confirmed.

Where can I go for assistance?

If you still have questions, or you would like to speak to someone, simply call our help desk on:

  • Middle East and Africa +971 800 ACONEX (+971 800 226 639)
  • South Africa +27 11 4613 276

Or email