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May Release Roundup

Haven’t had a chance to view our monthly release notes? Here’s a quick roundup of the enhancements we’ve made across the Aconex platform over the last few months.

Just want the highlights?

This quick video will take you through them in 60 seconds.

Enhancements to the Document Register, now you can find what you need fast with ten new single select fields to capture more document metadata. For those on big, complex projects, this is great news.

Collaborate more closely around models using Comments in Connected BIM. Store, manage and share BIM comments among multiple project participants. Comments are in BCF format, which means they can move smoothly between Connected BIM and other BIM tools.

Field Checklists now link with Issues, to support a seamless workflow for inspectors on site. And we’ve expanded Field’s photo functionality and improved photo workflows.

Aconex Main Application

We’ve added ten new single-select fields for tagging documents.

Once they’re applied on a project, you can use them when you upload and supersede documents.  You’ll also be able to find those field values in Document Searches and can export them to Excel in document reports.

Collaborate more closely around models using Comments in Connected BIM.

The comments panel supports coordination flows across the project life cycle. Using Connected BIM, you can now create and manage comments with full context, including a link to the viewpoint inside the model, a snapshot image, and a link to the object or objects in question.

The comments can be exported, updated and merged back into Connected BIM with all the conversations and decisions around the comment captured in the thread.


Watch the Connected BIM highlights demo now!

But wait, there’s more…

  • Connected BIM viewpoints now include hidden objects so the entire context of the model is included in each viewpoint.

  • You can now choose to use separators in Document Auto-numbering Schemes - or not.

  • It’s now easier to report on the association of Workflows with Subworkflows, with the addition of two new columns to the interface.


Field Checklists now link with Issues

Now, when a Checklist item fails, the inspector can quickly raise an Issue in Field and ensure the work gets done.

We’ve expanded Field’s photo functionality

Inspectors can now document evidence of works’ conformity to specifications within Field Checklists. You can associate images with Checklists as well as individual issues. You can also replace and mark up those images, and include them in Checklists reports. 

Watch the Field highlights demo now!

And that’s not all…

  • You can now add descriptions to Field checklist templates.

  • You can drag-and-drop to reorder checklist items and groups.

  • Checklists can now be filtered by status.

  • We’ve improved syncing, and included the addition of manual syncing so you can control when and where a sync is attempted.

Mail Search beta

The Mail Search beta is the first part of a project to upgrade the search model throughout Aconex. We’ve recently made enhancements including search result filtering, saved searches and performance improvements. Find out more about the Mail Search beta here.

Want all the detail?

Here we’ve provided you with the highlights from the 15.1.20 - 15.1.50 releases. You can find the full details of each of our past releases here.