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Method to correct the "Responded" status on mails

Here’s how to correct the "Responded" status on mails sent the Oracle Aconex MEA instance between 05:30 Saturday October 17, 2020 and 14:10 Sunday October 18, 2020.

Step 1

Make sure you have the “Make sent mail your response” asset granted.

Step 2

Go to the inbox and add “Replies” and “Reply Date” to the list of columns displayed.

Step 3

Search for all mails with a status of “Overdue” or “Outstanding”.

The results from this query which have values in the “Replies” column and a “Reply Date” of either October 17 or 18, 2020 are the mails which may need to have their status reset.

Step 4

Click the Mail Numbers linked in the “Replies” column.

Confirm whether this mail was intended to act as the response to the original mail.

Step 5

If it is - click the “Actions” menu and select “Make this your response".

Confirm your choice by clicking the “Make this mail your Response” button in the confirmation popup.

Step 6

The mail is now marked as "Responded".

Repeat the above steps for all mails listed which have “Replies” and where the “Reply Date” is either October 17 or 18, 2020.

An org admin or any other user with the requisite assets assigned to them, can complete this task for all members of their organization.

Note - if mails have been sent as confidential, then either the original sender or a user who’s been granted permission to view all confidential mail for this organization will need to carry out the steps.