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Migrate to the new viewer, AutoVue is retiring

The new viewer is ready to use in Aconex! Our redesigned online viewer is being enabled for the Workflows and Documents modules, and features an ever-expanding set of useful markup tools.

What does the new online viewer offer?

  • It’s faster and easier, with simpler markup tools.
  • There’s no need for third-party plugins (like Java).
  • It works on all modern browsers.
  • It’s collaborative, allowing you to markup, or comment on other markups.
  • Drag and drop image stamping.
  • Electronic Signatures.
  • Text search within documents as well as within markups
  • Marked up documents can be shared and viewed outside of Aconex. Markups created in other tools (Bluebeam, Adobe Acrobat etc) can also be accessed in Aconex.


Any project still using (the old viewer) AutoVue will be migrated between now and July 24 2017.

When will AutoVue be retired?

AutoVue will be phased out in stages. After your project has been migrated, you won’t be able to use AutoVue for new workflows. It will exist for read-only purposes through August and will be completely retired from Aconex in September.

What do I need to do?

If your project is currently using AutoVue, your Aconex representative will contact you to arrange a day to migrate to the new viewer. If you haven’t heard from us by the end of May 2017 please contact Service Desk.

If we don’t hear from you or you don’t specify a date, your project will be migrated to the new viewer in the week before July 24.

How does the migration process work? What will happen to my project when it’s migrated to the new viewer?

When we switch you to the new viewer:

  • All new workflows will be run in the new viewer. (There’ll be no option to use AutoVue for new workflows.)
  • Workflows started prior to the migration will be completed in AutoVue (this allows markup consistency across the workflow)

What’s happening with pre-existing AutoVue markups?

We're converting all markups created using the AutoVue viewer, which will be available as a flattened PDF of the original document. You'll be able to choose whether to download the original document (without markups) or the flattened PDF version.

You will continue to have read-only access to AutoVue in the document register till September.

If there’s been an issue with the conversion process described above, contact Service Desk for assistance.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the new and improved online viewer at Support Central, or contact our Service Desk if you have any questions about the change.