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New instance for Australia – AU Gov

Aconex is launching a second instance of the platform for the Australian market, AU Gov. It has been created for project work with government agencies (for example, defence department contracts).

What is AU Gov?

Projects for some government departments can mandate a higher level of compliance.

AU Gov builds on the high-level compliance of the ISO 27001-certified AU1 instance with a number of process and infrastructure changes, including:

  • Aconex staff working with data on the AU Gov platform must be Australian citizens .
  • The instance is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is IRAP and SSAE16 certified.

What's an instance?

You may have noticed that when you log in to Aconex you’re asked for your project location.

We sometimes refer to project locations by the more technical term, "Aconex instance." AU Gov is an Australian local instance for use on government-specific projects.

A complete set of the Aconex instances is listed here.

What does it mean for you?

If you are invited to join a project hosted on AU Gov, your organization will need to be registered on that instance.

Once you have an AU Gov account, access your project via the project login screen, or via the Aconex site, where you will choose AU Gov as your project location.

What is the difference between AU Gov and AU1?

AU Gov launches with the core set of Aconex features, so some of the functionality you’re familiar with may not be available in your AU Gov projects.

Additional modules and features will be introduced over time.

The available features are: