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A new look for Aconex

Understanding our latest release.

As the global construction industry evolves, so does Aconex.

We’re in the process of updating our logo and brand colors to better reflect the strength and diversity of our clients, and our business.

These changes will affect the look and feel of Aconex, so we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming.

We've also included a range of feature enhancements in this release. For more details, see our release notes.

The Tasks page

Take a sneak peek

The design update only affects the appearance of Aconex. All the features you use every day are still right here.

Items in their usual places in the Module Menu.

Spotlighting content

Now, the spotlight is on your content, whatever part of the app you’re in.

Aconex has been redesigned around your content.

Clearer colors

You’ll be able to see what you’re looking for with less effort, thanks to the simpler, clearer color scheme.

A simpler colour scheme lets the important elements stand out.

Better readability

Text is easier to read — and easier on the eyes — as a result of changes to font sizes and spacing.

Careful use of space and fonts makes text easier to read.

Reduced clutter

It’s also easier to find the actions you want to take, as we’ve reduced clutter and improved the clarity of each page.

Less visual clutter makes for a clearer interface.

Research, then refresh

It’s been five years since we updated Aconex. In that time, a lot of research has been done into what makes web designs easy to use. 

We took this opportunity to apply that knowledge to Aconex.

We tested our ideas with our users, and used your feedback to help make the refreshed Aconex even easier to use — especially for those who spend hours on our system every day.

An example of user research findings.

Preparing for launch...

The new look Aconex will be launched in late July. We look forward to your feedback after the release.

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us.