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November Release Roundup 2016

We’ve delivered a number of new features and enhancements to Aconex in the past few months. Take a look at what’s new!

Just want the highlights?

Exciting developments on the Aconex platform include our partnership with Dropbox, a major new feature in Field, and enhanced usability of Connected BIM.

Helping project teams collaborate betterOur partnership with Dropbox will deliver better data integration, allowing you to save time and be more productive when managing projects of all sizes. Copy across your files directly from Dropbox, without leaving Aconex!

Field gets more powerful and is looking better than ever – With the improved layout of Field’s preview pane, less clicks are needed to reach the issue you’re looking for. Checklists have been given a great new feature, and issues can now be assigned to a specific user in your org.

Connected BIM’s new explorer panelWhen you’re dealing with the amount of data that BIM users see, every bit of simplicity helps you tip the balance back in your favor, and get on with the job at hand. The updates we’ve given BIM are designed around ease of navigation, and visual accuracy, to paint a clearer picture of your designs.

What you can do with Dropbox

Dropbox and Aconex are a natural fit, broadening your options for getting files into the Document Register, while streamlining the process, and decreasing the time taken for bulk uploads.

File transfers made easy, cloud to cloud: When you’re preparing to move all of your project documents into Aconex, having to download them to your PC first can be a bottleneck for large volumes of data.

Linking your Dropbox account to Aconex, then selecting Copy from Dropbox, allows Dropbox to send the files to Aconex, saving your own bandwidth, and avoiding the detour through your PC.  Learn more about Dropbox + Aconex

How Field is making inspections easier

Field’s new features are aimed at enhancing the overall workflow for users, whether it’s an administrator creating customized checklists, or an inspector tapping through sub-areas to find them.

Assigning to individuals: We know that individual accountability is a key factor in keeping projects on track, so Field now lets an inspector assign an issue to a specific person within their own organization. It makes the work more visible to the assignee, while allowing an Org Admin to track the issue’s entire lifecycle with its owner, and follow up outstanding issues directly.

Customizing checklists: Also outlined here are single select lists, which are fully customizable checklist options for those occasions when yes, no, pass, and fail aren’t adequate to cover your inspection scenario. More info on Checklists

Visualizing your project with BIM

As you can see, BIM’s rich collection of model colours helps you make sense of all the visual data, while the new explorer panel with single scroll tree keeps the model set organized, making it easier to navigate.

See the difference: The bigger selection of colors means your models and their sections are more discernible at a glance, and look more like your original designs, making it easier for users of BIM to share their vision with a wider audience.

Explore your models: In the explorer panel, it’s all about showing you the most information in one view, in a way that makes sense. A much wider range of options is now available when you list spatial and type trees, giving the Model Stack menu a more intuitive structure. Get the most out of BIM with our guides

Want all the detail?

Now you've heard about the highlights from the 16.6.0 to 16.10.0 releases, you might want to learn more. You can find full details of each of our past releases here.