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Preparing your Autovue stamps for the new Document Viewer

If you currently use stamps in the Autovue Document Viewer, you’ll need to prepare them for use in the new viewer which is being rolled out in Aconex.

  1. Log in to Aconex
  2. Locate a drawing or document in your register which has enough white space to display your stamp clearly. If you don’t have one you can upload one specifically, or use one of the documents on a training and practice project.
  3. Open that document with the Autovue viewer

There are two different ways that your stamps might have been created and saved.

  • Within Autovue – accessed from the stamp “Symbols” list
  • Outside Autovue as a custom markup file – imported directly from your computer onto the drawing each time it’s used.

If you created and saved a custom stamp within Autovue:

  1. Click the Stamp icon.
  1. Locate your stamp in the list of available stamps in the Symbols tab and drag it onto your drawing.

If you saved your stamp locally:

  1. Click File and then Open.
  1.  Select Import.
  1. Navigate to your existing custom stamp and click Open.

At this point you should be able to see the stamp on the Autovue screen.

  1. Drag it onto a blank area of the document.

Now that you have the stamp on the screen, you need to take a screenshot of it.

Windows provides a default screen grabbing tool – Snipping Tool. Read more about it here.

Once you’ve grabbed the image with the tool, save it as any one of the standard image file types (JPG, PNG, GIF).

Repeat for all stamps that you wish to migrate.