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Release 12.1

Latest improvements to the Aconex platform

Release 12.1: April 22, 2012, (Australia/New Zealand), and other instances to follow.

Each Aconex release brings a suite of updates and improvements to the platform, many of which are driven by your ideas and feedback.

Overview of the main changes

Enhanced user controls for Org Admins & Project Admins

Org Admins and Project Admins can now manage which users in their organization can:

·        Create Mail on a per project level

·        Supersede documents on a per project level

Customized appearance of transmittals

Project owners can now customize transmittal views, nominating which document fields are displayed. This allows users to select the view that’s the most appropriate for the properties of the transmittal attachment.

Document Activity

Users can now view in their Document Register a stream showing recent events – what’s been revised, by whom, and when. Users can see at a glance everything that’s been happening in their register.

Note : This feature will be available at the end of May.

Quickly access critical project information on the Tasks page

Project Admins can now configure a new section to display to all users the six (maximum) most critical or relevant files that all users need to know about or be familiar with on their project.

Improvements to Cascading Metadata

If cascading metadata is enabled for your project, fields in a hierarchy are now grouped. This is to help speed up assigning metadata.

Project settings can now be copied - from an existing to a new project

To create a new project, users can copy the following information of an existing project:

·   Project details

·   Mail / Document role settings

·    Document fields along with the values present in the fields (including cascading metadata)

·    Document numbering schemes

·    Document / Workflow review outcomes

·    Project Preference settings

·    Transmittal attachment views

Note: The actual documents and mail are not copied to the new project

Coming Soon… Aconex Mobile for iPad®

Aconex Mobile for iPad® is in the final stages of beta testing. If you’d like to register your interest, email us at

Want take part in the Aconex for Outlook beta testing?

Aconex for Outlook is designed to streamline the management of project communication from your Outlook. Raise RFIs, or respond to Variation claims all from your Outlook without the need to login to Aconex.

We’ll be starting Aconex for Outlook beta testing in the coming weeks. If you’d like to take part, email us at