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Release 13.1

Latest improvements to the Aconex platform.

Release 13.1: May 26, 2013, (Australia/New Zealand), and other instances to follow.

Read-only and Archive Project Level Access for Organizations

Two new access options are available to project-owning organizations.

Read-only access level is intended for projects which are typically used for storing project reference materials such as OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) documentation.  Organizations can still receive mail and updated documents but are not able to perform a number of actions like creating new information on the project, sending mail or uploading documents.

Archive access level is intended for organizations which no longer have an active involvement with the project.  Setting an organization to Archive access means they cannot perform any of the actions already restricted by Read-only access, and they cannot receive mail or updated documents.

In addition to being able to change the access level for individual organizations, a Project Owner can now choose the default access level for the project. This means that any newly invited organizations will adopt the default access level. The available default options are Read-only, or Normal.

Project-wide security enhancements

To further enhance security on certain projects, Project Owners now have the ability to set the following security settings project-wide:

  •  Password strength
  •  Password access rule
  •  Session duration

While Organizations have always been able to set these settings individually, now the Project-Owning Organization can choose the settings for the entire project team. If implemented, the settings are applied to all project participants, from all organizations and will override a user’s default setting.

We’re making life easier for Org Admins

Streamlining the creation of new user accounts

We have simplified the process of creating a new user, adding the ability to invite users to projects when their accounts are created and introducing improved in-line validation to make the process easier.

User Account List
To help Organization Administrators manage their users’ accounts we have created an explicit “User Account List” menu option in the “My Organization” block of the Setup menu. Administrators can now filter out disabled users and better identify locked accounts to facilitate user account management.

Who’s my Org Admin?

Your Aconex Organization Administrator is your first port of call for help with your Aconex account. To help users find who this person is in their organization, we are now displaying a list of administrators in the global help panel and in the organization’s account details page.

Now view, markup, share and compare IFC BIM files with the Aconex BIM viewer

The Aconex online viewer has been upgraded, in addition to the usual 2D formats, it also supports the viewing, mark-up, sharing and comparing of 3D models and BIM files, making it much easier to collaborate on projects which are using BIM.

The viewer delivers a comprehensive BIM visualization solution with support for the latest version of many major BIM formats like IFC, DWG (3D) and DWF (3D). You can see the full list of supported file in the Release Notes.

Note: Native Revit (RVT) files are not supported.

If you would like to get a demonstration or to take advantage of this new viewing capability, please speak to your Aconex Sales Representative.

Easier to find, view & report on transmitted documents

Option to “View Documents in Register” from a transmittal

A new option under the Actions menu now allows users to view documents attached to transmittals directly in their Document Register. Selecting this option takes the user to the pre-filtered list of documents in their register.

Highlights since our last major release

Transmittal details in the Document Register

We’ve added two new searchable properties to the Document Register so you can now search documents by Transmittal number and by whether a document has been transmitted out to other organizations or not.

Two new configurable columns can be displayed in your search results: Transmittal In and Transmitted.

Highlights since our last major release

Improved Tender / Bid functionality

  • Copy Tender / Bid- easily copy any existing project tender / bid that was created by your organization, whether in an active or draft state.
  • Stop Tender / Bid Submission after Closing Date -the initiator can now allow or stop bidders from making submissions after the closing date.
  • Remove Access to Tender / Bid Invitation after Closing Date- the initiator can now remove access to the tender / bid invitation (and associated addenda) after the closing date.
  • New “Closed” Tender / Bid Status– now, when a tender / bid reaches the closing date, the status automatically changes to Closed.

New Supplier Document Package search result fields

Four new fields can be configured to appear in your Supplier Document Packages search results. They are: Not Started, Submission Required, Submitted and Completed.

These improvements and others are described in greater detail in our 13.1 Release Notes – download them below.