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Release 13.2

Latest improvements to the Aconex platform.

Smarter mail response flows make it easier to manage a mail thread

We’ve improved the mail response flow, so you can now take any mail from a thread, forward it to the Organization who sent the original mail and all outstanding mails in the thread (between the two organizations) will be marked as “Responded”.

Previously, if a user wanted the thread to be marked as “Responded”, they would need to reply back to the original mail in the thread.

Quickly jump from a transmittal to view the latest versions of those documents in the register

We’ve added a new option when viewing a transmittal that lets you choose to view the latest versions of the attached documents in the Document Register.

So you now have the choice to view:

  • the latest versions of the attached documents
  • the transmitted versions of the attached documents

More flexibility to "Mark as Submitted" for Supplier Documents Initiators

The Supplier Documents module previously allowed you to manually mark a document as submitted but only at the start of the submission process.

We’ve changed the rules around this and now initiators can mark a document as submitted even if it’s already in the submission process. 

So when a document is with your supplier (ie: its submission status is “Submission Required”) and they’ve submitted it to you by some other means (email, fax, hard copy etc), you can now manually mark it as submitted to keep the submission process flowing.

These improvements and others are described in greater detail in our 13.2 Release Notes – download them below.