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Release 15.1.30

Improving our beta products

This release includes improvements to our Mail search and Reports beta products.

Users of our Mail Search beta who have been missing the Saved searches feature will see that it’s returned, new and a little improved, this month.

They’ll also appreciate an enhancement to search result filtering that highlights the active filters. Now, it’s much easier to see which filters are applied to the results you're using.

And if you’re enjoying the Reports beta, you’ll appreciate the improvements we’ve made there, too.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. You may not see some of these additions until later in the cycle.

Aconex Main Application

You won’t be able to see the work we’re releasing to the Aconex main application this month. But there’s a lot going on!

We’ve been doing some detailed behind-the-scenes work to prepare the Workflows module for future feature additions.

Aconex Field

The functionality originally documented for Field in release 15.1.30 was delayed until release 15.1.40.

Mail search beta

Highlighting active filters

As of this release, the column headers will be highlighted when you’ve used them to filter search results. Now it’ll be much easier to tell which filters you’ve used to get your results.

The return of Saved searches

We had to remove the Saved searches feature from the last release of the Mail search beta, but now it’s back — and better!

Not only does Saved searches list your saved searches, and let you run them, it now makes them a little easier to get to. We hope you’ll like this enhancement.

Bug fixes

  • Back button bug: We fixed a bug that saw users who click the Back button on forwarded mail being taken to the old search screen, rather than the Mail Beta search screen.

Reports beta

Making reports more useful

In this release period, we’ll be making minor improvements to the Reports beta.

We’ll be increasing the results for some reports, and showing the current reporting limits on others, so you’ll always know what you’re looking at.

And when you export a report to PDF format, you’ll see the name of the project on it.