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Release 15.1.40

Improving comment collaboration in Connected BIM.

This release includes improvements to BIM comments and Field image capture, to make collaboration more efficient.

As of this release, Connected BIM comments can be assigned to users in the Aconex  Project Directory, and edited in bulk, which should make for easier communication on big projects. And BIM viewpoints now include hidden objects, to take in the full context of the model.

We’ve also expanded Field’s photo functionality. Now you can associate images with Checklists as well as individual issues. You can also replace and mark up those images, and include them in Checklists reports. We’ve done some work to give you more control over syncing, too.

We’ve also made a range of improvements to our Mail Search beta, to get you searching faster, and to our Reports beta.

Aconex Main Application

Assign Connected BIM comments to users in the Aconex Directory — and edit them in bulk

As of this release, Connected BIM allows you to assign comments directly to users within the Aconex project. Assigned comments can be exported, updated and imported into Connected BIM, with all the conversations and decisions around the comment captured in the thread.

Assigning a comment to an Aconex user

You can now also edit BIM comments in bulk, which should make comment management easier particularly on large projects.

Hidden objects now captured in BIM viewpoints

From this release, Connected BIM viewpoints include hidden objects. This ensures that the entire context of the model is included in each viewpoint.

Bug fixes

  • Workflow markups bug: We fixed a bug that prevented workflow participants from copying a markup from a given file to another file of the same filetype when reviewing documents.
  • Viewer load bug: We corrected an issue that saw the batch file prevent the viewer from loading on some networks.
  • Imported comment bug: We addressed a bug with imported BCF items. This bug prevented snapshots from displaying if the BCF item contained no text.
  • Linked documents bug: A bug prevented users from downloading the latest version of a document linked to a BIM object has been corrected.


Improved photo workflows

This release makes a number of improvements to the way photos are handled in Field.

The first allows inspectors to document evidence of works’ conformity to specifications within Field Checklists. You can now add and replace photos for Checklist items from either your mobile device’s camera or photo roll. You can also mark up photos, highlighting specific areas of the image before you save it to the issue or checklist item. And photos attached to a checklist are now visible in the checklist report, too.

Marking up an image in Field

We’ve also added markup capability to photos captured as part of Issues, and made it easier to preview them within the Issue creation flow.

As an added extra, any photos you capture in Field are now automatically saved to your phone or tablet’s camera roll. So you can capture images now to refer to, or add to other issues later, if you wish. Note that if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you can switch this setting off if you wish.

Filter checklists by status

You can now filter checklists on your Field project by their status: Open, Closed, or All. By default, only Open checklists will be shown.

Improved syncing

This release sees a number of improvements to Field syncing, including the addition of manual syncing: now you can control when and where a sync is attempted.

We’ve also added a manual retry option, which you can use if a sync fails.

Mail search beta

Start searching sooner

Start searching mail sooner! As of this release, you’ll be able to start searching mail even before the Mail Search page is fully loaded. Now you can apply filters through the column headers, type terms into the Super search, and click the Search button while the Mail Search page is loading.

These enhancements also apply to in-progress searches: column header filters are available before the results load, so you can start to manipulate the results view immediately. You can remove a filter while a search is in progress, too: simply click the x icon to remove a filter.

Clearing column filters

This release also makes your mail searches holistic: when search filters are entered in the Super search box, they will be available across all tabs. So you enter just one set of search terms to see results in your Inbox, Sent, and Draft mail. Of course, this also means you won’t lose your Super search queries as you switch between search tabs.

Export your search to Excel

The Mail Search beta now includes the Reports button, so you can export your searches to Excel for reporting purposes.

Reports beta

More viewing options

Users of our Reports beta will notice a couple of improvements to their reports in the coming months.

We’re removing the Fax column from the Project Directory report, on the basis of user feedback. We’re also bringing current-year date displays into line with others, so that the year is shown consistently any time a date is displayed in a report.