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Release 15.1.50

Improvements across the platform

This release includes enhancements to the Documents module, BIM Comments and Field Checklists, as well as improvements to our Mail search and Reports beta products.


As of this release, we’ve made some enhancements to the Document module that will allow you to capture more document metadata. Project owners will also find that they can now set up document numbering schemes that are better aligned to project or corporate numbering systems.

If you’re reporting on workflows, you’ll be happy to see we’ve made it easier to report on the association of workflows with subworkflows, with the addition of two new columns to the interface.

We’ve also significantly streamlined the distribution of BCF comments in Connected BIM, you can now send them directly via Aconex mail.

Field Checklists have been improved to more easily tell checklists apart - as of this release, checklists will be numbered.

We’ve also made a range of improvements to our Mail Search beta, to get you searching faster. And we’ve added Discipline to the Document Status Report in our Reports beta.

Aconex Main Application

Catering to project complexity

In this release, we’ve upgraded the Documents module to capture more document metadata. For those on big, complex projects, this is great news.

In response to client feedback, we’ve added ten new single-select fields for tagging documents. Once they’re applied on a project, you can use them when you upload and supersede documents through either the single file or multiple file upload processes, or using the bulk processing tool.

You’ll be able to find those field values in Document Search, using search filters, Super search and saved searches. You can export them to Excel in document reports. And you can make them available in the Transmittal Attachment View and in document auto-numbering schemes. 

We’re working to make these fields available for cascading metadata configurations, in a later release.

Choose to use separators in Document Auto-numbering Schemes—or not

As of this release, project owners can more easily configure document numbering schemes to better reflect project or corporate numbering systems.

Aconex no longer requires you to use a separator between document field codes, so you can link numbering elements as you wish.

Linking Workflows with Subworkflows

Until now it's been a challenge for projects to report on the association of workflows with subworkflows.

Our existing workflow interface did expose parent workflow information when you viewed grouped search results.  But this information couldn’t be exported to Excel, so when you were creating reports, the links between workflows and their related subworkflows would be lost.

In this release, we’ve enhanced the interface with two new columns, which you can configure in the workflow search results, and which can be exported to Excel. Those columns are:

  • Parent Workflow: If the listed workflow is a sub-workflow, this column will display a link to the parent workflow from which it was initiated.
  • Related Package: If the listed workflow was generated from the Supplier Documents module, this column will display a link to the Supplier Document process from which it was initiated.

The data in these columns can’t be searched yet, but we're working on that now.

Alert when trying to send mail to a user whose account has been disabled

Aconex now warns you when you try to send a mail to a user whose account has been disabled.  This normally happens when you’re replying to an original mail which was sent before the account became disabled.  Aconex will now alert you if certain recipients are no longer active, and ask you to either remove or replace them with active users.

Send Connected BIM comments via Aconex Mail

In this release, we’ve streamlined the distribution of BCF comments in Connected BIM, so you can now send them directly via Aconex mail. The new Mail button allows you to automatically create an Aconex mail with the Comments attached.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug in Connected BIM whereby models that covered a large area were being cropped. Now the viewer allows users to view the entire model.

Aconex Field

Telling Checklists apart

Client feedback led to the latest enhancements in Field Checklists, which are designed to make individual checklists easier to identify and refer to.

Now, checklists are numbered with a unique identifier that appears on the checklists list page, checklists details page and the checklists PDF report. Numbering starts at 1 for every project, and is unlimited. 

Mail Search Beta

We’re adding the final touches to the mail beta search before we begin the next stage of user migration over the coming months.

In this release, beta users will have the ability to:

  • add new saved searches
  • select mail and mark them as Read in the Inbox.

We’ve also added a new My Unread filter option so you can directly filter your searches by the Unread status.  This only applies to mail that’s been sent to you, not to other recipients from your organisation.

We’ve also made improvements to the speed and stability of the Mail search itself.

If you’re curious to see the Mail Search beta click Mail in the module menu and click the Try the new Beta Search link at the top of the page.

Reports Beta

In this release, we’re adding Discipline to the Document Status Report. Now, you can filter report results by Discipline, and see Discipline as part of your reports.