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Release 15.1.7x

More upgrades to Mail

This month, users will see a raft of improvements to Aconex.

Significant upgrades to Aconex Mail have made mail threading easier to follow and mail metadata easier to find. Our Mail Search beta has also seen enhancements. Overall, it’s much easier to get a clear picture of what’s going on in your Aconex Mail.

And we’ve made Field Checklists more accessible, too. Checklists can now be viewed and shared by more people, on more devices. Checklist templates can also be shared between organizations on a project, and between projects. These enhancements will make life easier not just for Field users, but for those administering checklists as well.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. You may not see some of these additions until later in the cycle.

Aconex Main Application

This release sees significant enhancements to the improved Aconex Mail, which was released last year as an opt-in beta. Users of the legacy mail who want to take advantage of these changes can easily switch to the improved Mail using the link at the top of the Compose and View mail pages.

Our legacy Mail module will be retired at the end of August. At that time, any users who haven’t switched to the improved Mail will see it automatically.

Mail threading improvements

Based on user feedback, we’ve made some significant changes to how the mail thread is presented on the Mail View page.

As of this release, the mail thread will appear to the left of the View Mail page, which means:

  • you can see many more thread items on the page
  • longer mail threads no longer reduce the viewing area for the mail you’re reading
  • the mail thread and mail view pane scroll independently of each other, so you can navigate each one without losing the context of the other.
Improved Aconex Mail

If your screen is small, the thread now collapses automatically, so you can always see the mail you’re reading. And you can show and hide the thread yourself, as you need to, which gives you much more control.

The thread now also shows:

  • the count of organizations and recipients for each mail, and you can click to view their details without leaving the mail view
  • mail attachments, and how many each mail has
  • which mails you haven’t yet read
  • the relationship between your selected mail and its immediate parent and children mails (printing the mail in screen mode doesn’t display this thread-link line)
  • the initial mail in the thread.
Improved visibility in the mail thread

Making mail metadata easier to find

In this release, we’ve enhanced the display of mail metadata:

  • Mail Type, Mail Number and Reference Number show separately at the top of the mail.
  • The Subject appears in a separate section of the mail.
  • Attributes in the same spot as when you’re composing mail, below the header information.

We’ve also made it easier to browse for recipients when you’re composing mail, with  Directory buttons, and new search icons to activate the quick search function.

Bug fixes

  • We corrected a bug in the Mail Search beta where clicking “Select all on page” removed selections the user had already made on other pages.
  • We clarified the information presented when a workflow participant tried to skip a step and the reviewer on the following step was no longer using Aconex.
  • We amended a bug that prevented tender addenda being sent if a recipient was no longer on Aconex, and now automatically alert the tender’s initiator too.
  • We fixed an issue in Connected BIM that prevented users from previewing a mail they raised within a model, and erroneously told them their mail was sent when it was saved to draft.

Aconex Field

Field Checklists aren’t just mobile: as of release 3.3.0, Field users will be able to log into the web application to access checklists for an area, view their progress, and download checklist reports.

More collaborators will be able to use them, too. Checklists are now available to all users on a project,  irrespective of their role. And you can now share checklists with others, so everyone knows the progress of particular checklists and their issues.

Finally, we’ve improved sharing for Checklist Templates. The Project Administrator can export Checklists templates, which can be imported by another organization on the same project, or imported by the same organization into a different project.

Mail Search beta

Standard and extended reports have been added to the Mail Search beta. They have the same functionality as they did in the old search, but with a few usability improvements.

We’ve also added Row per Mail and Row per Recipient views to the Sent box. By default, all mail searches will begin in Row per Mail mode, so you’ll see each mail as a single row. To view the recipient details, simply click on the column. It’s easier to browse your mail results—and with much less scrolling. And search results are returned faster, too.

There are some columns for which the data can only be read accurately in Row per Recipient mode: the Forwarded (eg: Forwarded Mail Number, Forwarded To, etc.) and/or Response (Response, Response Date) columns.

If you add any of those columns to your search view (or use a saved search which includes them), you’ll be automatically switched back to Row per Recipient mode. If you remove those columns again, you’ll be switched back to Row per Mail mode. The mode you choose will stick, so the search will be displayed in that mode every time you log in to Aconex.

Release 15.1.72

Release 15.1.72 corrects issues that came to light as a result of the upgrades in release 15.1.70:

  • We addressed an issue with text and logos being cut from the printed mail.
  • We corrected a bug that saw the scrollbar appearing on printed mails.
  • We fixed a problem with scrolling of mails displayed in a modal window.