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Release 15.1.80

Releasing Aconex Reports.

This month sees the full release of the new Reports module to all organizations on Aconex. The mail thread changes we released last month will become the default view for all users in this release, too.

Additionally, Connected BIM is now Mac-compatible, and we’ve made upgrades to Field and the Aconex APIs.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. You may not see some of these additions until later in the cycle.

Aconex Main Application

New Mail thread view becomes the default

Following last month’s release of the upgraded mail thread, in this release we’re switching all Aconex users to this new view. When you load a mail now, you’ll see the new view by default.

The old mail thread view will still be accessible for those who aren’t ready to switch, but only for another month.

Connected BIM: Looking good ...and on Mac OSx!

As of this release, Connected BIM will be fully compatible with Mac OSx. We’ve also updated the look of the side navigation, so whatever platform you prefer, Connected BIM will be easier on the eyes — and more intuitive to use.

The upgraded BIM menu

Aconex Reports now released

This month, we’re officially releasing the new Aconex Reports module. This module includes a raft of pre-defined reports along with simple customizations to make reporting on RFIs, Workflows, and Tenders easier.

Aconex Reports will be switched on over the course of the month for all organizations on Aconex. Once it’s available, each Organization Administrator will be able to switch it on for users, which ensures that security and permission controls are maintained. We’ll also be sending an introduction email to help you get started.

In this release, we’re making various improvements to Aconex Reports, too.

Our RFI reports will now allow users to select options within the Sent RFI report. They’ll also be able to select the organizations that they want displayed in the RFI reports.

We’ll introduce two new Mail Overdue and Outstanding reports that allow the selection of a mail type. And we’ll introduce the first of our basic custom reports, which will allow users to build on a basic report by adding more columns. Now they can pick and choose from a select list to configure exactly the data they want displayed.

Working on Workflows

We have an exciting enhancement to Workflows coming soon. To support that, we’ve removed the ability to sort by workflow review outcome fields in this release. Users can still filter the data by these values, so targeted searching is unchanged. Of course, sorting can also be done in an Excel export of search results.

We've also added links to our Workflows delegation and reassignment emails. Now, when users delegate or reassign a workflow step to a colleague, that person will be able to access the relevant workflow directly from the notification, and from there, see the documents they need to review.

Single-select fields included in APIs

Earlier this year we made ten new single-select fields available for document metadata.

This release includes them in the Document APIs, so that API clients can now include them in their applications.

Bug fixes:

  • We corrected an issue that prevented users from sending Tender Addenda if they included a registered document, and a recipient whose Aconex account had been disabled.
  • We fixed a bug that allowed users to register documents with hidden “space” characters left in them by external applications.
  • We rectified a problem that prevented users from superseding documents using supersede candidates if they were associated with a review outcome in the Workflows or Supplier Documents modules.

Aconex Field

This release includes the upgrades we expected to make to Field in the last release, including the sharing of checklists between the project owner and other organizations. Checklists can now be shared through the Field Web app, and are visible to the organizations with which they’re shared on Field Web and Field Mobile.

Sharing Checklists on Field Web

Mail search beta

Ongoing work on the Mail search beta this month brings users the ability to filter the Saved Searches list. We've also added the ability to access, edit and delete saved searches, which brings the Mail search beta into line with the legacy search.

Saved search filtering

We’ve also improved the behavior of the search results list.

Now, when users return to the mail search results after viewing a mail, the mail they just viewed is highlighted in the results. We’ve added paging controls to the top of the results list to make results easier to navigate, too.

The search result list

Multi File Upload beta

This release includes a new beta project: a multiple file upload tool that doesn’t require users to have Java installed.

The tool is available on the Multi File Upload page.

Accessing the Multi File Upload beta

The initial release of the beta offers:

  • drag-and-drop file selection
  • faster uploads
  • automatic retry on failed uploads (for example, due to network connection failures)
  • ability to resume partially complete uploads
  • file upload progress indicators.

The beta version is available to a select group of clients in this release, and will be made available to all users over the coming months.

Drag-and-drop file selection in the Multi File Upload beta