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Release 15.1.90

A new era for Aconex Workflows.

This release heralds a new era for the Aconex Workflows module. Now you can use Workflows to manage a much wider range of business processes, as we’ve added the ability to create as many Review Status labels and sets as you like. You can also control who uses which sets. We’ve upgraded our APIs to handle this new functionality, too.

We’ve made improvements to the way Viewpoints and linked documents are handled in Connected BIM, to make the communication around models easier to access. And Reports users will see some new reports that didn’t make it into the last release.

Our Mail Search and Document Upload beta programs reach new milestones in this release. If you haven’t seen either yet, you can expect to soon!

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. You may not see some of these additions until later in the cycle.

Aconex Main Application

Widening the Scope of Workflows

This release brings significant new functionality to the Aconex Workflows module.

Now, Project Owners can create as many review statuses as they like. They can assign them to specific roles on the project (much like Mail Types, Document Types, and Document Statuses). And those setting up workflow templates can determine which review statuses they want to use.

This allows for much greater flexibility in the review of different types of documents, and when initiating workflows for different types of reviewers. It also gives you scope to use Workflows for a much wider range of business processes.

Creating a new status set

Users who set up workflow templates can now choose from a broader range of options when deciding on the terminology they want to use in a workflow. They can also decide whether or not the completed workflows should update the documents’ status in the document register.

Find out more about these changes here.

Setting up a Workflows template

Making BIM Viewpoints and linked documents more manageable

In this release cycle, we’re updating the look of the side navigation and moving Saved Viewpoints into the Model Stacks tab. Now you can create, manage and restore viewpoints within the context of your model stacks.

We’ve also made the Documents panel resizable and reformatted its layout so you can more easily find the document you’re looking for.

New Reports are on the way

Some of the changes slated for Reports in the last release have been moved to this release cycle.

In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce a new Mail Overdue and Outstanding report that allow the selection of a mail type. And we’ll introduce the first of our basic custom reports, which will allow users to build on a basic report by adding more columns. Now they can pick and choose from a select list to configure exactly the data they want displayed.

Upgrading Aconex APIs

We’ve upgraded the external Aconex APIs to bring them Into line with the work we’ve done on Workflows status review options in the Aconex Main Application.

Bug fixes

  • We corrected a bug that saw Guest accounts that had been disabled being included in mail regardless.
  • We’ve fixed a bug which caused the Stamp and Print buttons in the Online Viewer to be unresponsive.
  • We resolved a bug which was sometimes causing a subworkflow to display the wrong file when a replacement file had been added.
  • An issue that affected Single-sign On capabilities on our US1 instance was corrected.
  • Step names were missing in Workflow Report 2. We’ve fixed this problem.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that allowed users to upload documents with metadata values that were no longer being used on the project.
  • The BCF import functionality was not recognizing individual comments. This issue has been resolved.

Aconex Field

In this release cycle, Field users will notice we’ve replaced the Photo icon in the Issues list with a thumbnail of the attached photo.

Now you can more easily recognize issues, and find the one you’re after.

Bug fixes

  • We corrected a bug that prevented users from logging into Field using Chinese characters.
The Issues list showing thumbnails in Field Mobile

Aconex Mobile

In release 5.3.0 for iOS: 

  • We've added a new editor for composing mail.
  • PDF markups now support Cloud Annotation on iPad.
  • We've enhanced Offline Mode capabilities.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that affected scrolling within the mail body.
  • We've improved error messages so you'll know what went wrong.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented you superseding a file when only the file has changed.
  • We've fixed a bug that prevented long email subject lines from wrapping in the view mail page.  
  • We've addressed the top reasons that caused the app to crash.

Beta programs

Mail search beta

As of this release, the Mail search beta offers all that the current Aconex Mail search has—and more.

When you’re viewing a mail from a search results screen, you can now navigate through all of that page of results using Next and Previous buttons on the view mail page.

In response to user feedback, we’ve removed the automatic refreshing of results that occurred when a date, list or boolean filter was changed. This gives you more control over the behavior of your searches.

We’ve also optimized the presentation of the date filter options within the search so you can get to the results you want more efficiently.

We’ll begin migrating more users to the beta in the coming months.

Multi File Upload beta

The Multi File Upload Beta has now been enabled for all users on the Hong Kong instance.  All users on the ANZ instance should have access to the beta uploader within the coming release cycle.