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Release 15.2.10

Giving you more control.

This release gives users more control over a range of features, including the values that appear in your projects’ Documents select lists, and who can access Connected BIM.

It also sees Field integrated into the main Aconex application — you no longer need to switch to a separate product to use Field functionality on your project.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. You may not see some of these additions until later in the cycle.

Aconex Main Application

Easier editing of Documents select list values

We’ve introduced a new feature to help streamline the flow for Document Controllers and take pressure off Project Admins.

Now, users from the project owning organization who aren’t Project Admins can edit document select list values in the same pages they use to upload and supersede documents.  

Those users will be able to edit document fields right from the:

  1. Single Upload page
  2. Single Supersede page
  3. Copy-To Panel of the Move to Register page
  4. Copy-To Panel of the Bulk Supersede page.
Inline editing of fields

To make use of this new feature, a Project Administrator should first decide which fields they want to make editable from those pages. They set the fields as editable in the Project Settings area, then give specific users edit access by applying the relevant permission to users’ roles.

We recommend that edit access is given only to users who absolutely require it and who have received full training on using it, since these edits will impact all users on the project.

See Support Central for more information on using this feature.

Connected BIM gives you more control

As of this release, users will be able to control who can create new model stacks and upload new revisions in Connected BIM.

Users with Project and Organization Admin privileges are able to further control who can access Connected BIM and create new model stacks.

Granting user access to Connected BIM

Copying projects copies saved searches

This release extends the project copy functionality. Now, when you copy a project, any Saved searches that have been shared within the project owning organization will be included.

Clearer support integration

We’ve also added a direct link to our help site, Support Central, from the Help Options Panel.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug which allowed spaces to be saved at the beginning or end of a manually entered mail number, and fixed existing mail numbers affected by this problem.
  • We’ve fixed a bug which caused the Close out button to disappear when navigating mails in the thread.
  • Users of the online viewer couldn’t exclude markups when superseding the document if the markup name included a special character. We’ve fixed this bug.
  • Project Admins saw errors when assigning a document type to an auto-numbering scheme if it was already assigned to another. Now they’re unable to select a document type which is already assigned to an auto-numbering scheme.
  • We corrected an issue that made it impossible to send Auto Update Transmittals if a guest user whose account had been disabled was included in the recipient list.
  • We fixed a bug that obscured the Remove icon if a participant on a tender invitation or tender RFI had a long name and a long organization name.
  • We’ve fixed a bug where users of IE11 would see HTML tags in the body of a Response to Tender RFI mail type.
  • In some rare cases, Supplier Docs let a supplier re-submit a document for review without superseding it first, which locked the document for the both the supplier and the client.  This issue has now been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue that required users to click more than once to view saved searches in Workflows, Documents, Supplier Documents, or the Mail Search.
  • A bug affecting models with complex rebar objects in connected BIM has been corrected, and the functionality has been enhanced to better cater for these complex model structures.

Aconex Field

Multiple photos for Inspectors

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and from this release, Field Inspectors will be able to capture an unlimited number of photos for each issue.

Users can attach photos from the camera or their photo library — perfect for complex issues that need both a close-up shot, and another to show the issue in context.

All photos are visible in the Field web app, and appear in the Issues PDF report, too.

Field offers external APIs

This release includes an external API for customers who want to push or pull issue or checklist data to or from the Field app.

Please contact your Aconex representative to learn more about Field APIs.

Access Field from inside Aconex

This release brings Field into the main Aconex application to streamline your workflow.

If you’d like to access Field from inside Aconex, please contact your Aconex representative or the Service Desk.

Beta programs

Mail search beta

Our Mail search beta program now gives users the ability to filter mail by recipient type.

For example, if you want to find out who hasn’t responded to your RFI, but you’re not interested in participants who were CCd, you can filter them out and just view those who appeared in the To list.

You can also filter mail by recipient type:

  • against a user: for example, to display all mail that include a given user in the To list
  • against an organization: for example, to display all mail that had any participant from Company B in the To list.
New filtering of Mail search results

Multi File Upload beta

As of this release, the layout of the Multi-file upload page looks a little different.  The button for the old Multi File Upload tool, which required Java to be correctly configured on each user’s system, has been removed.  

Now, users see only two buttons: one for the new drag-and-drop uploader, and the other to the existing Zip File Upload.

Unless you’re using Chrome, the Java uploader is still available via a text link, however this tool will be retired in the coming months.

The new Multi File Upload page

Document Content Search beta

This release sees the addition of new beta functionality, which extends the Aconex Documents search capability to documents’ content as well as document metadata.

Currently, organizations are able to join the beta by invitation only, though we expect to make it more available in the coming months.

The beta is also restricted to certain users on certain projects, so while a user may see it on one project, they won’t see it on all their projects yet.

The beta is further restricted to searching the content of Word, Excel, and rich PDF documents (that is, files created in PDF format, not items scanned and saved as PDFs). Every new file of these types that’s uploaded from this point forward will also be indexed in the search.

Users on included projects can search documents’ content by clicking the Search File Content checkbox on the Documents Search page. With the checkbox checked, a keyword search using the Super search field will cover both the metadata and the actual file content of every document in the Document Register.

You can refine the search results using the document metadata fields, to find, for example, only Electrical documents containing a certain word or phrase.