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Release 15.2.20

Meet the new Aconex Mail search.

This release sees our new Mail search moved out of beta and into the Aconex application. While the old Mail search is still available, it won’t be from the end of 2015, so we’ve switched everyone to the new search automatically in this release.

We’ve also released the first piece of work around the Document Properties page, which is a new version history panel that allows you to browse prior versions of a given document on your project. And we now include project-wide saved searches in the Copy Project feature.

Connected BIM users will appreciate our new model stack access control enhancements. We’ve also added two new reports for users of the Reports module. A new beta project, focusing on restricted Mail Forms (an extension of the current Mail Forms) is now available, too. See below for details.

Also this month, Field expands the new multi-photo functionality in Issues to the Assignee role.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. You may not see some of these additions until later in the cycle.

Also note that this release was deployed only to users in Australia/New Zealand. Users on other instances received these enhancements as part of the 15.2.30 release.

Aconex Main Application

Mail search comes out of BETA — with new features

The new mail search is now officially out of beta, and as of this release all users who haven’t tried it will be automatically upgraded to the new search.  

The old search will still be available for a brief transition period of 6-8 weeks after which it will be removed from Aconex.

In this release, we’ve also added the ability to filter against all of the searchable fields without having to have them displayed as columns within the results, via the new Advanced Search panel. We’ve renamed the To column Recipients to remove confusion over whether CC recipients were included or not.

Finally, we’ve clarified search using multi select lists. These filters will show you up to the first 50 results from any list (it was 20 originally) and you can type in parts of the field name to further filter which items get displayed.

Document Properties Version History panel

We’re currently overhauling the document properties page to help bring to light the deeper relationships that documents have within your projects.

The first stage of that upgrade is a new version history panel that displays when you view a document’s properties. Here, you can see different versions (grouped by revision) of any document in your organisation’s document register.

This new document properties view is currently only available via the document title links in the Document Register search results, but in the longer term it will be available from all the places a document can be accessed in Aconex.

The version history panel

Connected BIM access control advances

This release builds on the last release’s access control enhancements to give users control over who can view and administer new model stacks before they share model revisions.

Now, when a user creates a new model stack, that person becomes its administrator. The administrator can use the Model stack settings to add administrators and editors to the model stack.

Only the administrators and editors will be able to see the new model stack before model revisions are uploaded, which means the model stack can be configured before model revisions are uploaded to the project.

The Model stack settings modal

Three new reports — including two for Field users

As of this release, users can access a Field Issues report and a Field Checklists report in Aconex Reports. These contain the same formatting options as our other reports. The Field Checklist report will allow you to review performance across multiple checklists, to help identify areas that require attention, and highlight potential process improvements.

A new mail report that lets you select the mail types you want to review has also been added to the Mail with Response Required report. This report lets you see mail that was sent and received in a single report, and to add extra data columns to your report view.

Copy Project now includes project-wide saved searches

Now, when you copy a project, your project-wide saved searches are copied across along with your organization-wide searches. And if you transfer the ownership of that project to a different organization, you can also transfer the ownership of those searches to it.

This enhancement is part of a broader aim, work on which started in the last release, to support clients to create fully customized, template projects, and make it easier to develop consistent standards and processes across your projects.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug which caused the file selector in the Replacement File field on the Bulk Supersede page to display only one file at a time.
  • We corrected an issue that meant the “Reference Number” field was not being included in exports to Excel when using search “Row per Mail” mode.
  • The “Org mail not closed-out” saved search included a redundant status which was causing issues in the new search screen. This bug has been fixed.
  • A combination of certain characters meant that a Discipline couldn’t be used for filtering in the Document Status report. We have fixed this so that any Discipline can now be used to filter the report.
  • A redundant preference “Use upload applet for file uploads” has been removed from Aconex.

Aconex Field

Last month's release saw us give Field Inspectors the ability to capture an unlimited number of photos from their camera or photo library for each issue via the mobile app.

In this release, we’ve extended that feature to Field Assignees, to help them attach proof of work completed or photos for reference. All photos are visible in the Field mobile app, web app, and appear in the Issues PDF report, too.

Field users will also appreciate the new Field reports that are available in the Aconex Reports module, mentioned above.

Restricted Mail Forms Beta

We are currently working on new functionality which will let project owners set up restricted mail forms on Aconex Mail. This feature allows projects to capture sensitive information on outgoing correspondence and forms, and facilitates better tracking and internal reporting.

Initially the forms will only be available for use by the project owner. Fields can be configured against any project mail type and will only be visible to users belonging to the project-owning organization.

Although this feature is in development, a limited version is already available. If you want to try it out on your project or in a demo environment, contact our Service Desk.