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Release 15.2.30

Documents and Mail enhancements

If you use Aconex Mail or Documents, this release is good news for you.

First up, we’ve added new Restricted Fields functionality to the project owner’s Mail configuration toolkit. Users in the project owning company can now add private notes to mail in a structured, searchable way.

The new Mail search now has an Advanced Search panel that makes it easy to access all possible search filters before you search. We’ve streamlined results filtering, too. And those who use Aconex in Arabic now have access to all the Mail search functionality—including Mail Details searching.

Meanwhile, our ongoing Document Properties upgrade has made information on documents much easier to get to. This release sees the page redesigned, and new Sent and Viewed tabs added so you can see who’s been given access to, and used any document.

If you use any Aconex instance other than Australia/New Zealand, this release will also include all the changes outlined in the prior period’s release notes.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. So you may not see some of these additions until later in the cycle.

Aconex Main Application

Restricted Fields in Mail

As of this release, project owners can track sensitive information against specific mail types, thanks to our new Restricted Fields feature.

Restricted Fields is a fully customizable field library that allows any project owner to privately create and share information associated with specific mail types within their organisation.

For example, you may decide to track potential cost or time impacts against Site Instructions so that Head Contractors can factor that data into their projected contingency.

Restricted Fields display in mail

When you’re searching Mail using the Super search, Restricted Fields won’t be searched, since they’re accessible only to your organisation. However,  you can choose to see these fields in your search results, and use them to filter the results you see.

Restricted Fields will be enabled for all projects by default. You’ll find it in the Setup menu under Project Settings, on the Mail Types tab.

The Document Properties page upgrade continues

This release builds on our previous work to upgrade the Document Properties page.

Now, when you view the page for any document, you’ll see a new Properties page layout. You’ll also have access to new Sent and Viewed tabs, which give details on who the document’s been shared with, and who’s viewed it.

The Document Properties page

New Mail search

With the continuing rollout of our new Mail search, we’ve added some much-requested functionality.

A new Advanced Search panel lets you configure your search using all available filters in a single place. You no longer need to add columns to your results view to be able to use them to filter those results: now you can do it right from the start, using the Advanced Search panel.

The Advanced Search page

We’ve also changed the behavior of the filter dropdowns. Now, by default they display the first 100 results as filtering options. You can load more by typing the filter item you want into the field at the top of the list.

Finally, as an added bonus, you can now create mail direct from the Search page. Simply click the New Mail button.

Creating a mail from the Search page

You’ll notice we’ve also relocated the Save as Default checkbox in the Add/Remove Columns page. Mail Search, including Mail Details, now also supports Arabic language users.

Bug fixes

  • We added an in progress notification to the Workflow Initiation process, to avoid user confusion.
  • We fixed a problem that prevented users cancelling workflows to which sub-workflows are attached. Now users can cancel these workflows regardless of the status of associated sub-workflows.
  • We added a character limit to Workflows status labels, to circumvent a bug that occurred when users selected these labels when updating a workflow status.
  • We corrected a bug that allowed users who’d been removed from the access list for Confidential documents to access those documents if they were subsequently transmitted to the removed users.
  • We fixed an issue that stopped Internet Explorer users from scrolling list filters.
  • We corrected an issue with Supplier Documents. Now, if a user in a Supplier Documents process has their account disabled, the process continues as normal.
  • We corrected a similar issue with Workflows. Now , if a user in a Workflow has their account disabled, the Workflow continues as normal.
  • We fixed a problem that affected files larger than 5MB that were uploaded using the new Multi File Upload tool. These files no longer risk corruption on upload.

Aconex Field

The new features we outlined last release were delayed, unfortunately. They will be included in this release.

Document content search beta

Users of our Document content search tool, which is in restricted beta, will notice some minor changes to the search panel this month.

We’ve moved the search button and the checkbox where users select to search file content onto the same level as the search box itself. This brings all the basic search functionality into one place, making the interface easier to use.

The new-look Document content search panel