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Release 16.9

A big welcome to the new online viewer!







This release is all about the introduction of our new online viewer. The new viewer offers quick and easy access to documents in the register and in workflows with handy markup features and all without the need for additional plugins – no more Java!

Field also adds a handy new feature in checklists – the ability to create your own single select lists!

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.

The core release dates are as follows:

UK1 – October 17

HK1 – October 19

CN1 – October 20

Aldar, MEA, KSA1 – October 21

US1 – October 23


New Secured Asset - allow users to add markups to documents in the Document Register

The ability to add markups to document is now controlled by two separate secured assets - one for adding markups in Workflows Document reviews and one for adding markups to documents in the Document Register. Workflows inherits the settings which were previously configured for all documents anywhere. Markups in Document Register is disabled for all users by default. Organization administrators can choose to enable it for specific individuals who require the ability to add markups from the document register.

Add online markups to documents directly from the Document Register             

If you’ve been granted permission to do so (speak to your organization administrator), you can now add comments and markups to documents directly from the document register without needing to access them through participation in a workflow.


New online viewer - in with the new, out with the old!

It’s here! The new online viewer and markup tool will officially launch during this release, rolling out in phases through the month. (The current viewer, Autovue, will be retired as a result – you’ll notice a banner on the old viewer announcing that, with information about the new viewer and a link to a tour of the new viewer.)

The new viewer will be available for use in the Document Register and for document review in Workflows.

The new viewer is simpler and quicker, focusing on PDF reviewing (which is the kind of document that dominates the review process) and more accessible because there’s no need for additional plugins or downloads, like Java.

You can read more details about the new viewer in our quick guide.

New way of viewing documents in a workflow

We’ve added a document-centric view of a workflow, so you can see full details of a workflow document from the one screen. You can continue to review your documents as you currently do, but you now have the option to drill into the details with the integrated PDF viewer and markup tools. This new view provides greater visibility of secondary information, like other documents for review, supplementary files and the structure and steps of the workflow.


Create your own single select lists to use in Field Checklists

You can now create your own single select list in Field, no longer being restricted to the standards (pass/fail, yes/no, etc). This means that for routine inspections with a known set of possibilities, you can set up a checklist item to suit your specific needs.