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Release 16.1.0

Connected BIM rollout and mobile app


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It’s a big release for Aconex Connected BIM this cycle, with BIM being launched for all users of Aconex, rolling out project-by-project over the coming weeks. On top of that, Connected BIM has gone mobile! Learn how you can experience on-the-go convenience with Connected BIM mobile for tablets.

The new Document Properties view has now been rolled out across Aconex – all you need to know about a document wherever you are in the system.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.

Aconex Main Application

Document properties re-designed page

The newly re-designed Document Properties page will now be available from all places in the Aconex application where properties can be accessed.

The document properties page now displays a link in the version history panel to the transmittal that delivered the document.

Creating keyword filters in lists fields is more flexible Partial search queries are now supported. When searching within lists, a single letter will immediately bring up suggested words that contain that letter. For example, searching for "A" or "a" will show all words that contain the letter "a" regardless of where “a” appears in a word. Note too that it is not case sensitive.

Canceling a search and clearing search results You can now cancel a search that is in progress using the "Clear All" option. This will stop the search, clear all results from the page and allow you to start a new search using the Super Search or column filters.

Selected items within lists will be grouped together When searching within long lists, you can easily identify items you have selected to search with as all of those filters will be grouped together at the top of the list.

Mail Text Editor

As part of the upgrade to our Mail text editor, we’ve made undo and redo commands available through shortcuts rather than on the toolbar.

Undo = ctrl + z

Redo = ctrl + shift + z

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue when uploading new documents, which produced the message "There was a problem during the upload. Please try again."

  • You can now open the Document Properties page in multiple tabs.

  • You can now see the ‘Step Outcome’ column populated in a Workflow report.

  • We fixed a bug that saw removed transmittal attributes re-appearing in the sent transmittal when starting a workflow.

  • When composing a mail, a right click in the mail body now brings up the browser context menu with spelling options (if spell check is installed).

  • We fixed a bug that stopped mail being registered where the invitation is set to Explicit Only.

  • We fixed a bug that caused text pasted from MS Word to be cut off when printed.

  • We fixed an issue that resulted in Mail signatures not appearing in the selected location when composing mail.

  • The back button has been removed from the edit mail preview screen. Users can go back to the mail edit screen by clicking the edit button.

  • We corrected an issue that removed the Mail thread view when using Aconex in Russian.

Aconex Mobile


  • We now support Select List 1 to 10 in Documents properties
  • We’ve improved text readability in the UI.
  • We've enhanced offline mode capabilities for displaying Distribution Groups.

iOS bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that caused the wrong file to be tagged when superseding a marked-up document
  • We've addressed a bug which stopped projects being listed alphabetically from the My Mobile Files screen
  • We fixed a bug that caused mail to be sorted old-new rather than new-old when offline
  • We fixed a bug which blocked synching when an old value was removed from the project


  • We support Select List 1 to 10 in Documents properties.
  • We've enhanced offline mode capabilities.
  • We addressed a bug in the mail body that inserted unwanted characters at the end of some paragraphs when replying or forwarding
  • We fixed a bug that prevented you from changing the mail type once the mail type Transmittal was selected

Aconex Connected BIM

Aconex Connected BIM rollout to all Aconex users

Over the weeks following this release we will be enabling Aconex Connected BIM for all users, project-by-project. You’ll notice when this happens by the appearance of a BIM tab in your Aconex projects.

Model Stack Notifications for updated revisions

You now have the ability to watch model stacks for updated revisions. You can opt in to receive revision updates to all model stacks you have access to.

In addition, if someone adds you to a new model revision, you will automatically be added as a watcher and receive email notifications when there is a new revision uploaded to that model stack.

At any point you can choose to turn off notifications for model stacks you are watching.

Update Revit Plugin

A new Revit plugin will be launched during this release cycle. With the new plugin, Revit model revisions can be made private to the originating organization, shared with a few people and their organizations or made available to all organizations on the project.

BIM Mobile for tablets

BIM Mobile brings select Aconex Connected BIM functions to your tablet. It’s a free app that’s available for iPad and Android tablets.


  • On-the-go visualization: Access your project’s BIM models anywhere/anytime, using just your tablet. View single models or federate multiple models for a complete picture.

  • Smooth & easy navigation: Zoom, pan and rotate to navigate quickly, or switch to walkthrough mode to move deeper into the models.

  • Always up-to-date: Cloud-based technology means you have access to the latest version of project models every time as long as you have an internet connection

  • Work offline: Save your project models on your device for offline access. Version syncing occurs when connectivity is restored.

  • View object properties: Select an object within the model and interrogate all available properties.

  • Coming Soon – Linked Documents: Select an object and view the project documents that have been linked to it.

Download it in the App Store or Google Play store, and give it a try.

Aconex for Outlook

Version 2.3.0 of Aconex for Outlook plugin will be released in the first week of March.

The new plugin now supports Restricted Fields.

We’ve also fixed a bug which caused a mail saved as draft to not link to the parent mail.

File Content Search Beta

Powerpoint Files (.ppt, .pptx) are now included in file search operations.