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Release 16.10.0

Learn about new Aconex features – Packages & Related Items



Aconex for iOS


Instance Release Dates



This release contains an improvement to checklists in Field and a new version of our iOS Aconex app. It also launches a new beta product, Packages, and new functionality also in beta, Related Items.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.


In the past when looking at checklists available for an area, you would only see those related to that specific area – any checklists belonging to sub-areas would not be displayed. We’ve changed this so that now all checklists for both the area and its sub-areas will be visible.

Aconex for iOS – 5.5.0

Mail Type Rules & Content Search

You can now use Mail Type Rules and File Content Search in the Aconex app on your iPhone.



Related Items

Related Items is new Aconex functionality that allows you to establish an explicit link between two or more documents, one that actually describes the relationship (eg Affects ..., References ...). It makes it possible for you to see additional documents that could be useful, based on a document link. It also provides a way of navigating between linked documents, rather than having to conduct new searches to see each of them. An example of how this might be valuable: if a specification document is updated, the Related Items feature will highlight additional documents that may also require updating, also describing exactly how they’re related.

This is currently in limited release. If you’d like more information please contact your Aconex representative.


A ‘package’ is a number of documents that belong together for a specific reason. For example, you might create a package of electrical design drawings for one level of a building currently in progress. This effectively creates a snapshot of the documents at a point in time – they can’t be changed within the package without the package owner explicitly doing so, and any change is recorded (and the original package document is maintained.)

Packages also allows individual metadata based on package type to be applied. This means a Design package can be managed differently to a procurement package, for example.

This new Aconex product has been deployed as a limited release. If you’d like more information please contact your Aconex representative.

Instance Release Dates

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:

AU1 – November 6

US1 – November 6

UK1 – November 7

HK1 – November 23

CN1 – November 24

Aldar, MEA, KSA1 – November 18