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Release 16.2.0

Enhancements to Mail, Documents and Supplier Documents


Aconex Main Application

Aconex Mobile



Local Copy


Bug Fixes


This release features a number of Mail and Documents enhancements, and delivers an exciting change to the use of Supplier Documents – it can now be used for internal processes as well as those relating to external organizations.

Aconex Main Application


You can now set default columns in the Document Register

Project owners will now be able to customize which columns are displayed by default for all users on their project. This will allow projects to ensure all users have easy access to the most pertinent data.


Attaching Documents or Mail to mail – screen change

When you attach a mail or document to an Aconex Mail, the attach screen will scale to fit your monitor - it will appear larger than it has in the past.

Recipient list no longer expanded by default

We no longer support the preference which expands the recipient list by default when viewing mail.

Confidential Mail – display change

A mail that has been marked as “Confidential” will clearly display this at the top of the mail in question. This replaces the use of “(confidential)” after each of the recipients listed on a mail.

Info-banner announcing retirement date of “old search”

An information banner will be displayed at the top of old search alerting you to the need to switch to new mail search. Old search will be retired in June 2016.

New Mail Search – List filters now support multi-part queries

When trying to find the item you want to search against in a long list, you can enter text to reduce the list of items.  From now on this query can have multiple separate parts and they do not need to be in order.

For example, if you have a list item called "North Tower Hotel" in "Attribute 1",  you can find that item in the list by entering any of the following filter queries:

Hotel Tower

Tower Hotel

Tower north


Mail Visual changes

We’ve made some small tweaks to the way Mail view appears including:

  • “Confidential” flag appending recipient names replaced with a banner at the top of the mail
  • The mail status always reflects the status displayed in the thread and includes an icon
  • Links which show there are more recipients are now shown in blue
  • The icon for expanding the recipient list has been updated and brought into line with other parts of Aconex
  • Mail type is no longer displayed in upper-case text
  • Some changes to alignment and spacing
  • Some changes to field label colour

Supplier Documents

Supplier Documents packages can now be requested from someone within your organization

We’ve enhanced Supplier Documents so that it can be used as a tool for managing processes within your own organization as well as external organizations.

This means that in addition to managing submissions from external orgs, Supplier Documents can be used for managing and reporting on processes and submissions between teams/departments within an organization eg PMP monthly reporting.

Project Settings

A new tab – "Project Fields" – added to Project Settings page

Project Fields is a new tab in Project Settings. It gives project admins the ability to create a library of custom fields that can be used in Mail Forms and Field (and eventually throughout Aconex). Custom fields can still be configured through Mail Forms as normal. Changes you make to fields in Mail Forms or through Project Fields will affect the same library.

Aconex Mobile

These mobile releases will be rolled out in the first week of April 2016.


  • Enhanced app performance reducing system crashes
  • We've addressed an issue where the mail was not getting marked as read


  • The app now supports Restricted Fields and Contextual Mail types
  • Handling Device Access permissions with proper messages
  • Minor interface enhancements
  • We've addressed an issue where mail would get stuck in Outbox even after being sent


Create additional fields for Issues

On mobile and on your desktop, you can now add fields to Issues so that inspectors can provide additional information as you require. These fields can be added by project administrators.

SSO & 2SV support for Field

April will see the release of single-sign-on and two-step verification (SSO/2SV) in Field. This will allow you to use your organization credentials to login to Field.


We have enabled APIs that allow upload of temporary files with new document numbers. This means that users can upload files, via APIs,  without having to fill all mandatory fields. For further information refer to Developer Documentation here.

The upload of files with document numbers that already exist in the document register is currently not supported.

Local Copy

We have released a new version of Local Copy with a range of new features. It's a mandatory upgrade and can be downloaded here. Read more about the release.


You’ll now have access to a new panel at the left side of the Document Register which lists all currently available saved searches within the documents module. It can be expanded or minimized as desired.

This is being deployed as a trial beta feature within Documents search screen – initially only available to a small group of organizations.

You’ll be able  to configure views (eg Saved Searches) which facilitate easy access to documents within the system.  The list in the side panel will make it easier for you to navigate the register, so you can organize and locate critical documentation quickly and effectively.


Process Insights allows you to see at a glance how your project is doing for a particular process. You’ll be able to see this from a Portfolio, Project, Process and Detail view. Initially you’ll see metrics for the RFI process, with other metrics and processes being rolled out over time. This will be rolled out through April and anyone using the AU1 instance with access to the Reports module will be able to access Insights.

Bug Fixes


Comments bug fixes & enhancements


We fixed an issue in Internet Explorer 11 that caused the progress bar to get stuck at 100% and the file to not attach when attempting to attach local files to tenders.


Clicking on an Organization in the directory displays the org information, but the Org Admin information wasn't being displayed.


We've fixed a bug which caused the draft mail number to increase by 1 when clicking the Open Full Search page in the Document attach modal.