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Release 16.3.0

Introducing Groups!


Aconex Main Application

Aconex for Mobile


Bug Fixes


In this release we launch Groups –a powerful new feature that allows you to create a group of users from different organizations on a project and give them specific role permissions for Mail and Documents. You’ll also see a number of improvements in Workflows, some BIM refinements, some UI enhancements in Mail and bug fixes that should make everything work just that little bit better.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.

Aconex Main Application

Project Administration

Create member groups across organizations and assign roles

Project Administrators can now create groups and add people from different organizations to those groups. They can then assign roles to those groups in order to specify which mail and document types people in a group can use when creating new items.This will be a limited release, speak to your account managers if you'd like to know when this will be available to you.


UI Changes - subtle and beautiful

We continue to improve the look and feel of Mail. In this release, you’ll notice a few small changes: new colors here and there; improved alignment of labels; neater expand/collapse of mail sections; typography improvements; removal of N/A status from thread items; and local file attachments now sort alphabetically.   

Changes to what you see when printing mail      

When printing mail in "Screen Mode" you will no longer see checkboxes or action buttons.


Updated Revit plugin

Publishing model revisions to Aconex from Revit is now easier.

  • You can share a model revision with the project team directly from Revit.

  • During an upload you can manage who can access the new revision.

  • As the uploader, you can make revisions private to your organization, share them with a few people and their organizations or make them available to all organizations on the project.      

Improved viewpoint loading feedback        

This release will improve loading feedback when opening viewpoints.

You’ll be able to see your viewpoint as it’s recreated inside the 3D viewer and also see how many models are remaining to complete the viewpoint load.  


Project-level default columns for the Workflows module

Project Admins can now specify a default column set for the Workflows module across the project. This will help you indicate the most relevant project information for all on the project team to use.   

Document Title information in the Document Review screen

The Document Review screen will now include the Document Title column in the column grid.

Progress indicator for workflow initiation and review.

You can now monitor the processing of your Workflow and be sure that it is still underway. You will also know how much time is left in the process.


“Review Source” column in Document Register now displays workflow number

The Review Source column will now indicate the workflow number that a particular version is, or was, in. This will make it easier for you to see workflow information in the context of the document version.   

Supplier Documents

Apply review statuses to bulk documents

We've added a Bulk Review feature which allows you to apply Review Outcome and comments to documents in bulk.

Project Settings

Copying a Project will include Document and Workflow project column preferences

When you copy a project, the preferences for Document and Workflow default columns will also be copied over to your new project.    

Aconex for Mobile (Android - Version 1.6.0)

  • Restricted Fields is now supported.
  • Contextual Mail Types is now supported.
  • We've made a few UI Changes to improve your experience of the app.
  • If you attempt to use device functions (like the camera) but you have not given the app permission to use the function, you will be prompted to enable the function in your OS.



Mail Views in the left-hand panel   

There is now a left-hand panel in the Mail module that displays all Mail Saved Searches in a folder-like structure. This is currently available to a select audience and will be rolled out more widely over the coming months.


Variation process metrics

Process Insights Beta will include metrics for the variations process, so that you can keep track of variation items.      

Filter by organization in Process Insights Beta

In Process Insights Beta you will be able to filter by organization.  

Bug Fixes


  • We fixed a lag issue when switching between comments on a slow network
  • Improved model associations & viewpoint loading on imported BCF files


We fixed a bug that caused the Document Register to become inaccessible if a project used any register type other than Documents (eg Assets/Defects).

Mail  Search   

We fixed a bug that produced an error in Mail Search beta when selecting a boolean custom field and saving a search including that field.

Aconex for Mobile

  • We've made the Check Box field display Yes/No instead of True/False when replying or forwarding mail.
  • We've fixed a bug which caused a previously removed custom field value to be included in a reply or forwarded mail.
  • We've fixed an issue where the Reset option on Refine Mail Search was not clearing attribute values.
  • We've fixed a scenario where an offline mail saved in the Outbox was visible there even after being sent once reconnected to the internet.
  • Additional Minor Bug Fixes.