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Release 16.4.0

It's another big release for Connected BIM!


Aconex Main Application

Aconex for Mobile


Bug Fixes

This release brings a range of new features to Connected BIM designed to improve how you navigate through and work with your models. We've also delivered more mail enhancements and bug fixes, and you can now bulk edit documents when you initiate a Supplier Documents process.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.

Aconex Main Application

Project Administration

Amendment to schedule of Groups release

  • The release of project-group-creation functionality should have been described as a limited release, we apologize for any confusion. Speak to your account manager if you'd like more information about this.


    Numerous UI enhancements in Mail

    • Dropdown list style has been modified and is now consistent throughout the app

    • File properties window is larger and the file column has been moved to the front

    • Mark as Unread now has a slide-in window that confirms the action

    • Close Out now has a slide-in window that confirms the action

    • When you mark a Mail as unread, you’ll remain on the View Mail page

    Improvements around Mail requiring approval

    • Approve/Reject buttons are now always visible to the approver

    • Reject action opens an add-comments dialogue box rather than taking you to a new page

    Watermark now appears when Mail composer is also the approver for that Mail type

    If you are the approver for a mail type and you are composing a mail of that type, you’ll see a watermark indicating approver details.

    "Refer to" linking function now achieved with Attach Mail feature

    If you’ve used Refer to as a way of linking two Mail items together, you’ll now see that relationship expressed as a Mail attachment.


    This release introduces two new options for working with selected objects, Visibility and Zoom to. With these, once you have objects selected you can further configure the visibility to create the desired view.

    Visibility - show, hide and make transparent selected objects

    The new additions are Show everything else, Hide everything else and Make everything else transparent. They allow people to easily isolate objects in the viewer.

    ‘Zoom to’ button added to the selected objects toolbar.

    Now you can easily zoom to objects selected in the 3D viewer or after selecting objects from the spatial/type hierarchies.

Notifications for updated revisions in Connected BIM

You can now watch model stacks for updated revisions. You can also opt in to receive revision updates made to all model stacks you have access to. These notifications will be sent to your email address.

In addition, if someone adds you to a new model revision, you’ll be added as a watcher and receive email notifications when a new revision is uploaded to that model stack.

You can choose to turn off notifications for any model stacks you are watching.

The BIM viewer is getting a redesigned Context menu

Right-clicking on the Viewer will display the redesigned Context menu.

The new menu allows you to more easily isolate objects and create the desired visibility in your loaded models.

The menu is divided into three areas:

- This Object refers to an object that is right-clicked (“picked”) in the 3D viewer.

- Selected Objects refers to the selected objects in the 3D viewer or the spatial/type hierarchies in the explorer menu.

- All Objects refers to all the objects of the models currently loaded into the 3D viewer.


Visibility of the Workflows preference for setting project-level columns

The Project Preference used to configure project-level default columns for the Workflows module will be visible only if the Workflows module is configured for a project.


Removal of Multi Download option in Transmittals

Downloading multiple documents in Transmittals can still be achieved through the use of Zip Download, but the dedicated Multi Download option has been removed. The Java-driven Multi Download featured has been retired as we move away from Java in the app.

Supplier Documents

Bulk edit documents when initiating a Supplier Document process

When initiating a set of documents in a Supplier Document process, you can now apply comments and the planned submission date to multiple documents at once. This means less manual entry when working across a large number of documents.

Aconex for Mobile

iOS Ver 5.4.0

  • Restricted Fields is now supported.
  • We've made a few UI Changes to improve your experience of the app.
  • If you attempt to use device functions (like the camera) but you have not given the app permission to use the function, you will be prompted to enable the function in your OS.



Increased issue capacity in PDF reports

Field users can now download PDF reports with issues numbering up to 5000 – previously the limit was 1000.

Welcome to the new Issues tab.

The new Issues tab in Field web is faster to load and performs better. It comes with an improved user interface, with all actions available on one easy-to-use screen.


New Document Review Beta

We’re working on an overhaul of the Document review process – an initial alpha/beta will be released soon to a small subset of users for initial testing.

Bug Fixes

Supplier Documents

We’ve fixed a bug that saw a Supplier Document review status be populated against a Document which was in a sub-workflow at the time.


  • We’ve fixed a bug which caused underscores in the Document Number to not be displayed in Transmittals.

  • We fixed a bug which prevented the download of files attached from the Document Register to non-transmittal Mail types in Preview mode.

  • When search filters are changed the title is supposed to be cleared but a bug was preventing this from happening. This is now fixed.

  • Mail Search performance improvements were carried out to reduce the time it takes to open the Add/Remove pop-up, and also the Advanced Search pop-up.

  • Searching in the Attribute field when there is a large number of attributes (more than 5000) was taking too long. This has been fixed.


The preference used to set project-level default columns was not displaying an accurate list of Document fields used on the project. The field labels were also displaying their default labels. These two issues have been fixed.


Aconex for Mobile

iOS Ver 5.4.0

  • We’ve made the check box field display Yes/No instead of True/False when replying or forwarding mail.

  • We’ve made changes to enhance general performance.