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Release 16.5.0

Say hello to File Content Search!


Aconex Main Application


Bug Fixes


Searching your documents has become even more powerful with this release. The new search-within-documents feature means that you can find what you need based on the content in the document.

There’s a number of other minor improvements in the release, but one major point to note is the January 2017 date for reduced support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.

Aconex Main Application


Search within the content of documents

Improve your search results by using File Content Search: it expands the search to include the content of documents. All documents that contain readable text (ie, not images or PDFs created from images) will be accessed with this search. If the word you’re looking for appears in a document, that document will appear in your results.

Almost as soon as a document is uploaded, its content will be included in a search.

Visual indicator for documents that are in workflows

You can now tell whether or not a document is in a review when viewing it in the Document Register.


UI modifications

  • The Zip download button now shows as unavailable if you haven’t selected any files.

  • Notes/Comments now have separate save buttons instead of one for both.

  • When you open an attached mail, it will now open in a new browser window (rather than in a pop-up). This means you can open a number of attached mails at once and arrange the windows so that you can review them side by side.
  • The beta release of the left-hand panel in the Mail and Documents modules was called Views. You’ll see that this is now called Smart Folders.

BIM Mobile

SSO & 2SV support for Connected BIM Mobile

This release provides support for users who have 2-Step Verification or Single Sign On (SSO) enabled on their Aconex accounts.



Renaming files on download to enable better file-document connecting

  1. The file renaming feature will now be opt-in rather than on by default. 
  1. Organizations can choose to turn the feature on for specific projects only, and leave it off for projects that have strict file-naming requirements.
  1. On download, a file will be renamed to match the Document Number. This aligns with the supersede candidate’s behavior which matches a file to its document, making it easier to link a file back to the document it belongs to, using the Document Number as a unique identifier.

Bug Fixes

Aconex Administrator tools

The audit trail for changes made using the Change Project Owner Organization tool (used by Aconex Administrators only) was not being captured. This issue is now fixed.


When recreating a viewpoint imported into Comments from a Solibri BCF, unrelated objects were not being hidden. This has now been resolved and the correct viewpoint will be applied.