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Release 16.6.0

A host of improvements across Aconex.


Aconex Main Application


BIM Mobile

Aconex for Outlook


Bug Fixes


This release features a range of small enhancements across Aconex, with a strong addition to configuration options for administrators working with mail forms.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.

Aconex Main Application

Project Settings

Configure project field select-list options for users

Project Administrators can now configure which values a user has access to for project field select-lists on mail. It is also possible to have a different set of values displayed for the same field when it is applied to different mail types.


Faster load times for large transmittal mails

Transmittals that contain more than 20 documents now only show the first ten by default. Remaining documents in the transmittal will become visible when you click the +xx more button. This will mean transmittal mails will load much faster.

View File Properties button disabled until files are selected.

You now need to select a file (or files) in a transmittal in order to view file properties. This enables you to only view properties for files of immediate interest to you. Previously, file properties for all attached files were shown at once.

Comments field in mail is searchable in both inbox and sent search.

It’s much easier now to find what you’re looking for! Search will now include anything in the Comments/ Status field, whether in the Inbox or Sent.

Resize dialog when viewing attached mail

You can now re-size the dialog for attached mails when working in Internet Explorer.


User-level Issue Assignment

Issues can now be assigned to users in an organization, ensuring the work in question is visible to those responsible for it. You can find and work on issues assigned to you, or if you are an organization administrator, you can quickly track and follow-up on outstanding issues by assignee.

Filter Issues by Created Date.

You can now filter Issues by Created Date to help refine your list.

UI revamp of Issues page on Field Web App

There have been a few modifications to the look of the Issues page when using Field, improving navigation and how you search for information.

BIM Mobile

View linked documents in Connected BIM Mobile

When navigating through your models, selecting an object will reveal all its linked documents. You can view the list and open any of those linked documents on iPad or Android tablet.

Aconex for Outlook – version 2.4.0

New Features

  • Contextual Mail configuration is now supported.
  • You can now use File Content Search when searching the register to attach files.
  • You can now print from the plugin.
  • The plugin now supports Outlook 2016 and Windows 10.


  • We’ve made a few improvements to the look of the plugin.
  • You can now specify a port number when using two-step verification and single-sign-on accounts.
  • If the registering mail process fails due to a disabled matched user, you can now manually match the account rather than repeating a complete registration process.



Link to old Mail Search from new Mail Search is removed

Users who are on the new Mail search page used to have the option of going back to the old Mail search page. As part of migration plans to the new search page, this link has been removed. The message on the old search page has been modified to remind users that the old search will be retired soon.

Connected BIM

New viewer for Chrome users

Good news for Chrome users – the new viewer in Connected BIM will be ready for beta testing on Chrome in the coming weeks. If you launch BIM in Chrome you’ll see an option to try the new no-plugin viewer (no Java!).


Variation Process Metrics

As part of our Process Insights Beta we will be releasing metrics related to the Variation process. Initially the process is centered on use in Mail and will show key performance metrics to be able to determine how the project is running in terms of Variations.

Bug Fixes

Aconex Print Shops

We fixed a bug that prevented the download of files from print requests.

Aconex for Outlook – Version 2.4.0

  • We fixed an issue where multiple results were shown even when there was only one account linked to the email address in the Aconex directory.
  • We fixed a bug that caused a whole set of users to be removed when attempting to remove just one user in the "Unmatch User" screen.
  • We have fixed a number of bugs that caused special characters to be encoded incorrectly.
  • We’ve removed the not-functional Failed folder and Resend Failed button.