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Release 16.7.0

Field gets a major new feature!


Aconex Main Application


Connected BIM

Aconex for Mobile


Bug Fixes


Field now allows organizations to assign issues to specific users, a great new feature enabling tighter management of your work. In other parts of Aconex, you’ll find a number of improvements and fixes that will help you get more out of the system.

Aconex Main Application


Project Fields - Single select field options now easier to edit and sort

Adding options to select list fields is now much easier, you can quickly edit or add new options to the existing list of values. You can also display your list the way you want it, changing the order of values by adding them where you want them to be.

Field Value Inheritance setting for fields on mail      

In our 16.6.0 release we introduced Field Value Permissions which allows the project administrator to determine which values a user is allowed to select from a select-list field on mail.

Now you can also override field value permission when a field value inherits a value from the previous mail. This means that, for a field on a mail type, a project administrator can specify that the value:

  • can inherit a value only if the user has permission to use it.

  • will always inherit a value irrespective of a user's assigned field value permissions for a field on a mail type.

Project Settings/Administration

New project-level permissions are available for user roles

Administrators can now use three organization-level permissions at the project level when setting up roles. This gives organizations greater control over what users are allowed to do from project to project. The permissions added to the project level are:

1. View organization's tenders

2. View project participants via project list

3. Add project participants via project list

Search is easier than ever in Preferences and Role Settings           

Both the Preferences and the Role Settings pages now have a search filter which allows an easy search of the page to find what you're looking for. This is a text filter which presents options that narrow down the information displayed on the page as you type.


Assign issues to specific users in your organization

Organizations can now assign issues to specific users within their organization. This major addition to Field enhances your ability to track progress on issues and escalate action when required. The feature also allows you to generate reports of issues by assignee – you’ll have a comprehensive view across your team of who is doing what.

Connected BIM

Model stack update

It’s now easier to identify model stack indications. There are three indications to look for:

  • No icon or tag (processed model ready to view)
  • Yellow icon with a ‘No revisions’ tag (empty model stack with no uploaded revisions)
  • Red icon with a ‘Failed processing’ tag (latest uploaded revision has failed processing)

Aconex for Mobile

Android – Ver 1.7.0 – My Mobile Drafts and Content Search Support           

New Features

  • Mails can be now saved to draft on the device.
  • Content Search is supported in Documents.


  • Mails and attached documents can be only viewed in offline when it is accessed online.
  • You can now see documents attached to an original mail when forwarding that mail.
  • Forwarding a transmittal will result in the Transmittal mail type being automatically applied.
  • Updated the document fields for searching in Documents.
  • In Documents, you’ll see Yes/No in place of True/False options.


  • We’ve fixed an issue with transmittals that caused an attached document’s details to not show.
  • We’ve addressed an issue that saw mails with attached documents failing to send from the outbox.
  • Custom and Restricted fields are now visible for transmittals when transmitting documents.
  • We’ve addressed an issue that caused the app to crash if you added consecutive mails to favorites.



View documents in the new Document Viewer

The new Document Viewer is now available to all! You can view PDFs of documents in your register via the File tab of the Document Properties page.

Marking up files using the new online viewer

For a select group of beta organizations, our new online viewer in the Document Register now allows you to mark up PDFs and save them. This is available using the new Open Markup Mode button in the File tab of the Document Properties page. Clicking this new button will open the file in a new window, where you can mark up the file. A click of the Save and Close button will save the marked-up document as a new version. Cancel will discard the changes. This feature will be rolled out to all users over the coming months.

Bug Fixes


We've fixed a bug which prevented users accessing responses to RFIs in the Tender module.


We’ve fixed:

  • a bug which prevented a user replying or forwarding a mail in a new tab.
  • a performance issue being experienced by users of Internet Explorer when they tried to view mail with a relatively large thread, and large numbers of recipients on the mails in the thread.
  • a bug which caused the View File Properties and Update Register buttons to be disabled when there were more than 20 documents on a mail and all were selected.


We’ve fixed a bug which was causing:

  • overdue Workflow notifications to be sent out when the Workflow wasn’t overdue.
  • an overdue Workflow notification to point to the wrong project.