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Release 16.8.0

Aconex + Dropbox = Good times! And welcome to MDM ...


Aconex joins forces with Dropbox

Manage mobile access to Connected BIM

Use Aconex in Turkish and Polish

Connected BIM has a new Explorer Panel


Bug Fixes


MDM? Mobile Device Management! With this release we introduce the ability to control which projects are available for use with our mobile apps – starting with Connected BIM.

We’re also proud to launch an integration with Dropbox – you can now quickly and easily bring your Dropbox files into Aconex as soon as you’re ready.

There’s also a collection of improvements to the beta releases of our new viewers and it’s time to say hello to Turkish and Polish versions of Aconex!

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.

Aconex joins forces with Dropbox

You can now link your Dropbox account with your Aconex account! This allows you to copy Dropbox files directly into the Aconex document register via the registration, supersede and upload screens. This is available in AU1 from this release, we’ll announce its introduction to other instances in upcoming releases notes.

Want to get started with it? Speak to your account manager to have this feature enabled. Once done, your organization administrator can configure it as required.

Manage mobile access to Connected BIM

Mobile devices can represent a security risk for some projects, so we’ve introduced a new setting which controls whether or not a user can access Connected BIM through the Connected BIM Mobile app. This feature will also be rolled out for controlling access through Aconex Mobile and Field as well.

Use Aconex in Turkish and Polish

Merhaba! We’ve been working on two new languages to Aconex – Turkish and Polish. We’re most of the way there so we’re switching them on for you. You can do this on the log in page or in the Preferences section. See Support Central for help on changing the language you use. Powedzenia!

Connected BIM has a new Explorer Panel

Connected BIM has a new Explorer Panel! (In case you’re new to this, The Explorer Panel contains the spatial and type trees of all objects in the loaded models.)

Here’s what’s new:

  • The order of models displayed in the Explorer panel are now aligned to the order of models displayed in the Model Stack menu – seems logical, right?
  • When you have a number of models loaded into the viewer, the new single scroll tree allows you to see exactly what you want to see.
  • A bigger selection of colors to apply to your models.
  • When you select an object, its parent Model Stack name will also be highlighted – super easy to see which stack you’re dealing with.


Mail Distribution Rules - early access program

We’re trialing a new feature (on our Australian instance initially) which allows a project owner to configure rules for mail types, enabling mail to be automatically addressed to recipients based on certain properties of the mail, like who is sending it, or which field values have been selected. For example, an RFI with a discipline of “electrical”, “mechanical” or “structural” selected could be set to automatically include all people in the Engineering Managers group.

If you are interested in using this feature, speak to your account manager for more information.

Document Properties Viewer

The new Document Properties viewer is available for beta testing in read-only mode. In the coming weeks, we will allow more beta users to access the viewer in markup mode, which will allow them to mark up files. Yes, we’re also looking forward to rolling this out to all users! Not too long now...

Workflows – new viewer available on the new Document Review page

The new Workflows document review (including the new integrated viewer) is being introduced to a number of beta users. They’ll be able to mark up files, submit them to the next reviewer and complete a full document review cycle.

Bug fixes

Project Settings

  • In our 16.7.0 release we introduced a filter which allowed you to search the Role Settings page. After trialing it for the month we found that its performance was not up to scratch and so we have removed it.


  • We’ve fixed a bug which was causing mail form fields to not carry over their selected values from the previous mail when clicking Reply to All.
  • We now have a dedicated button for initiating a workflow. Once you’ve selected the documents you want to include, the Start a Workflow button will be available. This addition is part of a fix for a problem that caused selected documents not actually being included in a workflow transmittal.

Aconex Mobile – iOS

  • We fixed a bug which caused the Reason for Issue selector to not appear, in some cases making it impossible to send a transmittal.
  • We addressed an issue where filenames were not preserved when opened in a different application and stored in My Mobile Files.