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Release 17.0

Print a tenders package summary!

A small release for the new year, but good things come in small packages …

Say Happy New Year to the ability to print a summary of your tenders package. We’ve also fixed a bug in the API to improve unicode support in the document register, and changed a system behavior so that a document’s review status is maintained at all times.


You can now print an outline of what is included in your tenders package, and you can also control what information is included in the summary.

Bug Fixes


Improved multi-language support in our API

We’ve fixed a bug in our API which caused file names to be stripped out of documents being uploaded to the document register if they included non-latin characters. 

Project Settings

Review Status

Previously if you had the setting "Maintain review status when superseding document” disabled, a document would lose its review status when transmitted. Now a document version will always maintain its review status.