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Release 17.1.0

Field gets offline power and new organizational tools.

Field has made organizing your checklist templates super easy, and also launches a new offline mode for working with issues and checklists. And the Connected BIM online viewer moves out of beta into the Java-less future – no plug-ins required!

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.

Connected BIM

The new BIM online viewer is live!

The new model viewer in Connected BIM is out of beta and is now available to all projects and users – no plugins required! The new viewer supports Chrome, Firefox and now also MS Edge. (Internet Explorer 11 is the only browser that still requires Java to run the model viewer.)


Offline improvements for Issues and Checklists

You can now work offline to capture issues and carry out inspections using checklists. You can capture, edit and view issues. With checklists, you can start, edit and view checklists. (In both cases, you’ll need to have previously edited or created the issue or checklist when you were online.)

Categorize multiple checklist templates at once

Inspector and Project administrators can now categorize multiple checklist templates in one go. You simply drag and drop the templates to the desired category in Move Templates mode. It’s easier than ever to keep your checklist templates organized!

Document Viewer

Electronic Signatures

You now have the ability to create and save electronic signatures within the document viewer.

These are automatically attributed to the authenticated logged-in user along with the date and time it was added.

Image-based stamping in the new viewer

Reviewing a document with the new viewer just got better! You can now drag images directly onto documents/drawings from your desktop. Have your own Approved stamp? Just drag and drop to put it on the document you’re reviewing.

New Batch Submit button

The new Document Review page now has a Batch Submit button, which has been introduced to direct reviewers to the old Document Review page. There they can submit batches of document for review. Reviewers who would like to submit more than one document at a time can use this button to return to the old page, which allows multiple documents to be submitted at once.


Consolidating markups from a parallel review

During a parallel review of a document, the markups made by each of the parallel reviewers are sent to the next reviewer as a zip file. The next reviewer now has the option to consolidate the markups onto a single copy of the file. The new Consolidate markups button allows the reviewer to gather all markups, and continue the review of that document using the new online viewer.