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Release 17.11.0

Preview documents directly from the document register.


Our new preview tool provides a visual way of looking at files directly from the Document Register. We also have an improved Mail Approvals view so you can get more context, and identify and action the right mail. We’ve made even more improvements to our Online Viewer, and you can now take precise measurements in your models.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.

And a special note for our UK1 instance users. We’re undertaking some work that will make the overall performance of the UK1 instance of Aconex better, but this means that some of our new features will be slightly delayed for you. We anticipate that this work will be complete by mid January 2018.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows

• AU1 – November 12         • UK1 – No release this month

• Aldar, MEA,                       • HK1 – November 22
  KSA1 – November 24

• CN1 – November 23         • US1 – November 26






Online Viewer


Preview documents in the Document Register

If you’re an Engineer and you need to take a quick look at some drawings you’ve just received, Preview allows you to navigate these documents visually and download files as you go. It supports PDF files and popular image formats like jpeg and png.


Measurements in Models

With Measurements, it’s easy to identify distances between objects and areas within your models, reducing the time needed to find information and respond to enquiries. The tool provides a precise reading too, so if you’re measuring from the edge of an object you’re not going to accidentally include the inside or opposite edge.

Configure your model stack

Projects Administrators can configure which document fields are available for use on model stacks. This means Models will display the key fields that suit the project’s needs, and allow the wider team to group models in meaningful ways, for example by level, zone, building or discipline


Export Field checklist data to a spreadsheet

If you’re using the web-based version of Field you can now generate and export an Excel spreadsheet of your inspections data. With this feature, you can export data in bulk, and generate reports that are filtered by location, inspection templates and shared templates. This feature will be helpful if you need to undertake any additional reporting outside of Aconex. Once you’ve exported your spreadsheet, it will appear in Temporary Files in the Documents module.


Identify your approvals in Mail

We’ve updated the Mail Approvals page so you can see the mail number and subject right away. This will give you greater context, so you can easily identify the right mail to action. If you use a numbering system to indicate drafts, you’ll also be able to easily identify the draft number. This should make it much easier to work through your approvals list and keep the project moving.

Online Viewer

Parallel Markups in the Online Viewer

The new Parallel Markups Import feature makes it easier to see what your collaborators are saying across review steps. With it you can import mark-ups submitted by another user during your review of a document and avoid placing markups on top of another reviewer’s work – it makes feedback a lot easier to read. Keep in mind that you can only import submitted markups, not saved ones.

Viewer Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed:

  • an issue that was causing Autocad SHX annotations to display with a black border around them when the file was downloaded from the viewer.
  • a few bugs with Adobe-created markups. Some markups would re-appear as soon as they were deleted, and they’d also change color if you moved them around.
  • a glitch that was causing markups from one document to appear in another. This was happening when files were very large, with several markups and the user switched to another document while the first one was still loading.