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Release 17.12.0

Mail notifications give you more!


Email notifications give you more information and link directly to your tasks in Aconex. Identifying which documents contain markups just got a whole lot easier and Packages gets a tonne of new improvements. As we barrel headlong into December, we take pause to wish all of you a safe and prosperous new year - from all of us at Aconex.  

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.

And a special note for our UK1 instance users. We’re undertaking some work that will make the overall performance of the UK1 instance of Aconex better, but this means that some of our new features will be slightly delayed for you. We anticipate that this work will be complete by mid January 2018.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:

• AU1 – December 14         • UK1 – No release this month

• Aldar, MEA,                       • HK1 – December 13
  KSA1 – December 15

• CN1 – December 14         • US1 – December 14



Online Viewer


Package Reviews

Data Migration API for Documents.


Following the updates to the Mail approval pages last month, email notifications have also been updated. Based on the mail type and project configuration, notifications will now provide a more detailed summary and a direct link to Aconex, so you can access and approve your Aconex Mail tasks faster.

We’ve also fixed a bug that was causing the mail search pages to not return results, if there was an error during the close-out action on a mail.

Online Viewer

In the Document Register, we’ve enhanced search to include documents marked up in the new viewer.

We’ve also made it easier to see which documents contain markups. Now a pencil icon will visually indicate any documents that have been marked up via the Document Register, or as part of a document review process. Now you can also easily see the total number of markups on a document in the "Number of Markups" column.

Viewer Bug Fixes

  • Drafts created using the online viewer were not getting sent into a sub-workflow, now they are. 
  • After the release of Chrome version 62.0, if you used the Image Stamp tool in the viewer, images were being converted to say "STAMP" or "CLIPBOARD". We’ve fixed this, but images that were converted will need to be deleted and re-applied.
  • Text entered into the Callout Note tool was disappearing. This was not a consistent experience, but occurred after clicking in and out of the Callout Note several times. 
  • Projects can use different register types. If a project used a type other than Documents, it caused the Document Review/Viewer page to display “???” in place of text. This bug has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed a bug where the use of special characters in Workflow step names were causing the Document Review/Viewer page to load up blank.


This month we’ve improved the speed and stability of Packages and tweaked the look and feel to be more in line with the rest of Aconex.

First up, we’ve added pagination for the Package Register & Package Documents, and increased the limit of documents per package from 500 to 1000.

Packages has now been translated into 10 different languages: German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish and Chinese.

When trying to send a Package Transmittal, the 'Send' button will automatically be disabled for deactivated users. You can directly remove the deactivated user from the distribution list.

And finally, the Packages API is now available for the AU1 instance. With the API you can:

  • Create packages
  • Easily list all packages and their versions
  • List your project fields and package types
  • Assign and remove collaborators

Package Reviews

We’ve added a new tab so reviewers can clearly see their tasks in order of when they’re due, this saves having to search for tasks.

Under the new tab, reviewers will see any overdue tasks highlighted, and tasks that are forecast but not yet ready to action. The new section also has an indicator showing whether a review is delayed, at risk or on schedule.

Users who have initiated or participated in a review will now receive a mail notification to let them know a review has been completed. The mail will also include the review and step outcomes.

Data Migration API for Documents.

We’ve created an API that enables large scale projects to upload existing documents seamlessly into Aconex. Speak to your Aconex contact for more information.

Document Access Control

We’ve added a feature that extends document access control. This means that if you apply access control rules to a document, those rules will be respected in Aconex Mail.